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Tips for vegans while travelling

Written by Fiona

July 06 2022

The number of vegans is on the rise but when travelling to different places, it’s not always easy to maintain this diet. It takes a bit of extra planning and preparing, especially in a new country, and this article reveals some tips from a vegan traveller on how to keep up with being vegan while travelling.

Is it hard to be a travelling vegan? 

I’ve met my fair share of vegans who use their diet as an excuse to avoid travelling. I would invite them on a camping trip or ask them if they wanted to share an AirBnB with me in a new city, and they’d always say something like, “I wish I could, but I don’t think I’d be able to keep up with my diet.”

Realistically, though, it’s NOT hard to be a traveling vegan. You just need to plan and prepare like you would for any other vacation. 

Finding vegan-friendly places to eat

As soon as you have chosen where you will be travelling to, it’s a good ide`a to do a search for local vegan places to eat. You can search on-line, for example TripAdvisor, or look for recommendations in destination guidebooks. Some of the key locations to check out include:

  • Vegan-friendly fast-food joints.
  • Vegan restaurants that offer take-aways.
  • Vegan-friendly grocery stores that offer ready-to-grab lunches and dinners.

Camping as a vegan

There are a number of readymade vegan-friendly camping foods, but it might be easier to simply take your own favourite camping foods with you. Look for the best vegan ground beef, so you can make vegan burgers, for example. Then add a salad.

How about making vegan tacos? Dice up char-grilled veggies and making some vegan tacos using vegan beef crumble and some extra-large lettuce wraps.

Another option is vegetable chunks cooked on skewers over a fire or bbq. If you’re in a rush, grab a can of beans (which you can cook over the grill) or some plant-based sausages. 

Self-catering is a good option

Rather than trying to find a hotel or guest house that offers vegan friendly meals, you could choose to book self-catering accommodation. This way you have control over what you eat and cook.

It might be that you are hoping to spend less time cooking while on holiday bit if you can more easily look after your breakfasts and lunches by making them yourself, then you can reserve evenings for finding a vegan restaurant or take-away, or options for vegan meals at more mainstream eateries.

Top 4 tips for travelling vegans

If you’re new to the vegan diet and still figuring out how to keep up with your diet while travelling, here are three tips for vegan travellers. 

1) Buy Your Own Groceries

Again, it’s worth doing a search on-line to check there are larger supermarkets where you will be travelling to. Most stores will have have vegan-friendly protein options such as tofu, beans and legumes.

Produce markets will always have plenty of vegetables and fruits as well and you can always carry nuts with you to eat as snacks.

2) Be Wary Of New Foods

If you’re trying the local cuisine, always make sure to double-check the ingredients in the food you’re eating. While there are many vegetarian-friendly options you’ll find when travelling, vegan options are often harder to come by. 

Make sure that all of your dishes are free from meat, honey, cheese, or other dairy by-products. 

3) Look For Great Local Vegan Eats

Do some research on sites like TripAdvisor and find restaurants that specialise in plant-based foods. You never know – you might just find some truly magical vegan food where you least expect it.

4) Take vitamin supplements

If you are traveling for more than a few days and you are worried about sourcing the right range of foods for a balanced diet, you would be wise to take vitamin supplements with you. They are easy to pack in your luggage and they will give you peace of mind.

Conclusion – Is it hard to be vegan while travelling? 

It shouldn’t be too difficult to keep up with your vegan diet while travelling. Just be sure to spend a couple of days researching local grocery stores, local vegan restaurants and the local cuisine before you book your flight. 

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