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Review: ARTILECT Systems Nuyarn technical t-shirts

Written by Fiona

August 29 2022

I have been testing two different ARTILECT Systems (A/SYS) technical t-shirts. One is made of Nuyarn and the other is Nuyarn CoolYarn.

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What is Nuyarn?

We all know the benefits if merino wool’s natural properties. It is easy to wear in different climates and offers good warmth, breathability, moisture absorption and odour reduction.

However, did you know that the traditional processes of spinning and tightly twisting the fibres in merino inhibits the full power of its natural benefits.

Traditional merino fabrics are prone to forming holes and losing shape, as well as becoming heavy when wet and being slower to dry than synthetic performance fabrics.

This is where Nuyarn technology is different. The company states: “Unlike traditional core spun or ring spun methods, Nuyarn’s patented twist-free process of Nuyarn drafts merino fibres along a high-performance filament, which amplifies the fibre’s natural properties. With the benefit of merino wool next to skin and synthetic on the inside, the performance of Nuyarn fabrics is unparalleled by any other fabric, natural or synthetic.”

Bold claims!

Nuyarn is:

  • 5 x Faster Drying Time
  • 30% Less Raw Materials
  • 35% More Stretch
  • 35% More Loft (Less weight)
  • 50% More Durable
  • 53% Less Wind Permeable
  • Naturally Odour Resistant.

What is Nuyarn CoolYarn?

ARTILECT CoolYarn is a unique blend of merino that has been “supercharged” with naturally cooling and odour-resistant Tencel. 

The aim is “warm-weather comfort, moisture management and excellent durability”.

CoolYarn is biodegradable at the end of its useful life.

CoolYarn has:

  • 35% more stretch and recovery
  • 35% less weight
  • 5 x faster drying time
  • 50% more durability than comparable merino fabrics.

More bold claims!

On test: ARTILECT SYSTEMS Nuyarn CoolYarn Utilitee

Features include:

  • 150g Nuyarn Merino and Tencel blended fabric for extra loft, improved drying
  • time, durability, high stretch and recovery, plus natural odour resistance
  • Nuyarn CoolYarn is spun in a bluesign accredited facility
  • Superfine 19 micron non-mulesed Australian merino wool for maximum softness and wearability
  • Wood fibre-derived Tencel is naturally cooling, odour resistant and biodegradeable
  • No chafe flatlock seams
  • Slim fit
  • Variou designs and colours for men and women
  • Machine washable
  • £65.

My thoughts: The Utilitee is made of a lovely soft fabric. It feels softer than merino, which is good for me because I have sensitive skin and I can’t always cope with wool against my skin.

While Tencel has some positive eco credentials it’s worth reading this report about sustainability because it’s not as straightforward as companies would like us to think.

The fit of the Utilitee is neat and I like that. It’s not overly tight but slim-fit, which suits me.

There is nothing remarkable about the look of the t-shirt and this is maybe reflected in the name of the product. It is utilitarian.

I have a dusk blue Utilitee and it would work just as well as a casual every-day top as a technical t-shirt for running, hiking, cycling or skiing.

It is difficult to judge if Nuyarn is better or worse than merino wool for active people. Certainly, it is good at temperature control, especially in warm conditions. It is breathable, too, and low on odour / sweat issues.

I like the stretch and I am pretty sure this will be a t-shirt that lasts for a long time, so that makes it a good buy for the environment.

It’s £65 which isn’t eye watering these days but it’s still going to be pricey for some people. However, I like the attention to detail in the top and also the innovative material. Wearing merino wool has been difficult for me until softer versions have come along, including NuYarn.

On test: ARTILECT SYSTEMS Nuyarn Speed-Lite t-shirt

Features include:

  • 115g Nuyarn merino fabric with extra loft, 5 x faster drying time and
  • Nuyarn Speed-Lite is spun in a bluesign accredited facility
  • Superfine 18 micron non-mulesed Australian merino wool for maximum softness and wearability
  • No chafe flatlock seams
  • Reflective tape
  • Stretch and recovery
  • Slim fit
  • Machine washable
  • Male and female designs and colourways
  • £65
  • See Artilect.

My thoughts:

Again, the fit is slim and I like this. The fabric doesn’t feel as soft on my skin as the CoolYarn although it is very lightweight. It is actually rather see-through.

The tee makes a good baselayer. It’s like a second skin, offering warmth or coolness depending on the conditions and your body temperature. It is very quick drying and odour from sweat is the usual merino wool minimum.

There is nothing very exciting about the look or design of the top, except for the innovative Nuyarn fabric. Again, £65 is pricey.

Conclusion: ARTILECT and Nuyarn are worth considering if you already like merino but you are looking for a softer or lighter fabric.

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