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Review: New DexShell Trail Running Socks

Written by Fiona

December 22 2023

I am already a fan of DexShell waterproof socks, both for walking and running. The socks fit well and there are no irritations, such as seams and bulkiness, when wearing them with my usual walking boots or running footwear. I have long loved the DexShell Running Lite socks.

Recently, I have been testing new DexShell waterproof Trail Running socks. The socks have a three-layer bonded construction, with a waterproof breathable Porelle membrane sandwiched between a drip-dry outer layer and a comfortable inner layer.

The new Trail Running socks include a lightweight Coolmax inner. The socks are made of 80% polymide, 12% Polyester, 5% elastane and 3% cotton.

I am have a narrow UK8.5 foot and I have the size “medium”, which fit nicely.

The new DexShell Trail Running Socks are very similar to the DexShell Running Lite socks and will be for sale in the UK in 2024.

On test: DexShell Trail Running Socks

I wear the socks for trail and hill running and walking when I know conditions will be wet or cold. The socks do a good job of keeping my feet warm, even when it’s really wet and cold.

The waterproofing is good. However, when there is sustained wet, such as hours of heavy rain and deep puddles or wet bog, the socks do not eliminate all the wet. The only way they could do this is if they were made of impenetrable plastic or oil skin but then there would be no possibility for breathability. What they do is keep a lot of the wet away from your skin and far more than if you were wearing straightforward socks made of wool, polyester or cotton.

Because the socks are breathable, they stop dampness through sweat.

The waterproof membrane does wear out. I have found the socks last for about one autumn-winter season when wearing them several times a week. After that I use them as an extra warming pair of socks. Even when they don’t keep my feet so dry, they still maintain warmth.

I have been impressed with the durability of the socks. Other socks end up with holes, especially at the toes or heels but the DexShell socks stay in great shape. They do become less flexible and less stretchy after many washing machine cycles, however I still reach for my old DexShells when the newer version is not available. I will choose to wear the DexShell socks when cycling in cold weather because they offer an extra layer of windproofing for my feet.

The new DexShell Trail Running Socks do feel more cushioned than my last pairs. I really appreciate this.

DexShell is hoping to have a UK sales website in 2024. In the meantime, you can buy DexShell socks from Amazon and some retailers, such as SportShoes, Absolute Snow and Centurion Running.

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