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Running challenge for the guys

Written by Fiona February 04 2009

If the girls can have their own 10k in Glasgow, then why not the boys? Following hot on the heels of the hugely successful Glasgow Women’s 10k, which takes place annually in May, the Men’s Health Forum Scotland Men’s 10k, this year on June 21, is now inspiring the guys to pull on their trainers to improve their health.

Running is good for you in so many ways (burns cals, beats stress, improves your love life, prevents disease etc) that I find it hard to understand why you WOULDN’T do it. When I mentioned this to a friend recently she said I only like running because “you’re good at it”. But like most people I had to start from scratch. Seven yeas ago in my early 30s I could manage only about 2 mins of jogging before I was gasping for breath.

It was the Glasgow Women’s 10k 2001 that inspired me to get fit and enter my first running race. It was extremely hard to begin with but I followed a programme, built up slowly and when I crossed the finish line of the 10k I was on a total high.
Since then I’ve had running highs and lows,  completed several 10ks, a couple of half marathons, my first marathon (the Loch Ness Marathon 2008) and now I’ve moved on to triathlons.
Running is, for me, an ideal way to keep fit because it’s time efficient, flexible and cheap (a busy work and family life dictates a flexible timetable). Running also seems to hold back the years (very important in your 40s!). It has also offered me a whole new circle of friends (great if you work at home in your own little lonely office).
I reckon if I can turn from sofa sloth to running addict then anyone can.
And the guys do still have some way to go to catch up with us girls. With entry levels for the Women’s 10k at around 14,000, the Men’s 10k sits at around 3000 participants.  Now, boys, it’s your turn to get up off the sofa…
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