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London Marathon: Yes or no?

Written by Fiona May 07 2009

It had not actually occured to me to find out about more age group entries for the London Marathon until one of my fellow tri club members wrote about her entry into the 2009 London Marathon. Having run a 3:40 marathon in Amsterdam, Jo qualified for a “good for age” entry into the London Marathon. And she raved about it!

So that got me thinking. Although I only ever dreamed of doing one marathon, and I didn’t care which one, having recorded a “good for age” time of 3.35 I now feel like it would almost be too rude not to take up my 2010 place at the London Marathon.

But then again, I always said I would hate training through the winter (my first and only marathon was in October 2008 at Loch Ness) and I’m not a huge fan of big, crowded races. But, again, I keep thinking that this could be my only chance to get an entry to the biggie, the London Marathon.

I have until August to make up my mind but I think I’m almost 60% there already. What would make all the difference is if someone who runs about the same time as me and who lives near me might be up for a bit of winter training? See, there I’ve suddenly notched it up to “65% likely to enter”!

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