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Surprise, surprise

Written by Fiona May 18 2009

So Mr Outdoors says it’s because he trusts me. And I think it’s because he doesn’t pay me enough attention. Whatever the reason, I somehow managed to pull off a surprise 50th party for him. I still can’t believe he didn’t notice the organisation that took place over 5 months and included phoning/texting and emailing up to 100 of his friends and family. On only two occasions, friends almost let the secret out of the bag… and once a message was left on our family answer phone… but somehow Mr Outdoors didn’t twig.

And you should have seen his face when he opened the door of a local function hall. Mr Outdoors had believed that we were attending a party to celebrate a friend’s 40th – but instead, there were all his family and friends singing him happy birthday!

Despite insisting for many months that he didn’t want to celebrate his 50th, Mr Outdoors could not have been more delighted with his party. It was lovely to catch up with so many people from all parts of his life, too.

Now the scary thing is that I’m married to a man in his 50s… And Mr Outdoors has nine years in which to plan my 50th party. Eek!

Video taken by our friend and top photographer Tina Norris

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