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New navigation course for girls only

Written by Fiona November 15 2009

Again, evidence of more people keen to get out – and safely – in Scotland’s great outdoors. And another nod to a trend I have written about before. The latest outdoors course to be launched is another girls-only GPS session.

This time The Mountaineering Council of Scotland (MCofS) have joined forces with Chicks Unleashed to run two ladies only one-day GPS (Global Positioning Systems) training courses in May next year.

The MCofS runs a number of safety-related courses throughout the year, including regular GPS courses, but this is the first time they have organised a ladies-only course.

The two courses will be held at Glenmore Lodge on Saturday May 15th and Sunday May 16th, and will be run by the MCofS Mountain Safety Adviser, Heather Morning (MIC)* and Rosie Goolden (MIC) of Chicks Unleashed.

Heather Morning explains the thinking behind the ‘Chicks’ courses: “Ladies can often be discouraged from signing up for an outdoor training course, particularly when it involves use of technical equipment.

“So often when mixed groups are out on the hill, men take a lead role and ladies just follow, assuming that the guys are more competent (big assumption!).

“We all know the old cliché that ‘women can’t navigate!’. Well, here is the chance to prove all those guys wrong.

“The Chicks GPS course will ensure a sympathetic, fun and friendly learning environment for ladies who wish to learn how to use GPS to enhance their navigation skills.”

For further info on this course see here

For further reasons why outdoors girls like to learn with the girls only see my article

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