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Bonnie Bikes: For the style savvy cyclist!

Written by Fiona July 30 2010

It’s off-the-wall , whacky and fabbie items such as these that could easily make the new shop Bonnie Bikes in Glasgow something of a hit. I don’t think we’re talking serious cyclist here, although there may well be one or two who are fed up with their bikes enough to add a brightly coloured pannier or a “very different” helmet cover. The Yancopads for cross bar are also useful if you ever have to “shoulder” your bike to take it upstairs.

I think that this shop will mainly appeal to people who want to have some fun doing a bit of cycling. You can see in-city cycle commuters embracing some of the kit and parents buying an appealing bike gadget for their children. Anyway, if anyone is encouraging people to get out on their bikes then I’m all for them.

The founder of Bonnie Bikes, who is based in Clarkston, Glasgow, wanted to “bring to the UK a range of previously unavailable stylish bicycle accessory brands”. They have certainly hit that target with unusual brands such as:

Georgia In Dublin – Designed to provide stylish solutions for female cyclists and walkers in unpredictable weather, the 3000m waterproof outerwear products offer mutli-purpose usage. In addition, the safety of the wearer is of high importance, with designs incorporating reflective or high-vis features.

Yakkay – The popular Danish-designed and award-winning Yakkay helmet. These ingenious helmets look like everyday hats, allowing the wearer to change the cover to suit their mood and style. Helmet and Cover is priced £95 and replacement Covers are £35 each.

Yancopads – US-made top bar covers that are functional as well as aesthetically pleasing. Originally a common feature on BMX bikes in the 1980s when their riders used them as a way to protect themselves from injury, these pads have made the transition to other types of bikes. For use in the city, Yancopads help protect the frame when locked up against poles and other objects that may cause damage, they also provide protection when “shouldering” the bike – ideal for urban living when you need to carry your bike up stairs to keep it safe or out the rain.

See the on-line shop at Bonnie Bikes

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