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Fiona Indoors: Making jewellery!

Written by Fiona August 24 2010

Something Pretty: The Outdoors Family's new range of Indoor crafts!

Just to show that I do spend some time indoors here is a display of weekend of craft and enterprise. Aided by the “exotically creative” Granny Outdoors and the “wonderfully enthusiastic” Little Miss Outdoors we stayed indoors for a whole afternoon making a range of fun and colourful ear-rings. There are lots more to come and an additional range of necklaces in production as I write. The plan is to sell to friends and family so that Little Miss can save her pennies for a much-hoped-for dog!

As we shaped and cut and rolled and created we all chatted and mulled over life and the world. We enjoyed a lot of laughs and realised there is a common interest among the three generations for artiness.

Of course, I did manage to get outdoors, too. On Saturday for a quick 15-mile cycle and then on Sunday for a 70-miler with the G-Force through some of the gorgeous rolling countryside of the Scottish Borders. I’ll be writing up this route, as well as a few other cycle ride suggestions from fellow outdoors fans over the coming week.

Oh, and if you fancy anew pair of ear-rings they are priced at a very reasonable £3.50 to £4! Little Miss is dealing with sales.

Yet more amazing ideas from the TEM

… But our ear-ring enterprise is nothing compared to the fantastic ideas and creativity of my friend the Top Entreprenurial Mummy. Having given up her career as a high-flier in the world of banking when she had her three children, TEM has been busy thinking up numerous top business outlets. She paints and draws amazing pictures, she prints t-shirts with her own designs, she cooks high-quality family dinners for busy parents and the most fantastic cakes. Now her latest outlet is badges in a host of amazing designs. She brought her first stock along to show us after our yoga session this morning. I can’t imagine where she finds the time to come up with so many ideas and create so many different products but she puts it down to: “Trying to avoid having to go back to full-time employment – and not sleeping that much!” Her latest enterprise is called Daisies and Dragonflies. When TEM launches her website I’ll blog about the link.

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