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Urban orienteering: the thinking person’s run

Written by Fiona August 08 2010

Orienteering is a brilliant concept. It’s a cardio workout +  exercise for the brain. Orienteering participants run and navigate themselves around checkpoints on laid-out courses, whether in the countryside or towns.

My only problem is my ridiculous inability to navigate myself. I know, I know, I’m FionaOutdoors so I should be better with a map.

I’ve even completed a few navigation courses and every time I look at a map I think it can’t be that difficult. And then I get lost. And then I can’t work out which way the map goes – let alone which way I should go. I’m working on this flaw!

So, perhaps I’m not the best person to take part in a series of Urban Orienteering events in and around Glasgow. That is, unless I can enter in partnership with a Magical Map Reader. Actually, come to think of it, Little Miss Outdoors is pretty good with a map (certainly better than me) so perhaps I should enter the family race. I do know that I’d love the run around the streets and parks, ticking off checkpoints. It’s all very satisfying.

Anyway, if you are reasonably fit  and you can work your way around a town map then these events are to be highly recommended. They are organised by the Clydeside Orienteers. The atmosphere at orienteering events is always friendly – and beginners are very welcome. Enter here

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