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Kit review: Crotch Guard works its magic!

Written by Fiona September 23 2010

Warning: This post is not for the squeamish!

Oh hallelujah! There is a God of cycling after all. For too many months I had been suffering with the pain of what I can only describe as “undercarriage carnage”. This is not a pleasant topic in the least – but it’s one that many, many cyclists will comprehend.

At first I had thought that lack of time in the bike saddle was to blame for sore lower regions. Then I wondered if I needed new shorts, or extra padded shorts. I tried Assos cycle shorts (as recommended by all my cycling friends) and at more than £100 for a basic pair I thought that surely these would be the answer. They did help to alleviate some numbness but I still suffered with soreness and chafing.

I bought Assos chamois cream, again on the advice of the cycling pals. This offers a pleasant numbing sensation when first applied and does help to prevent some rubbing. But after a few hours on the bike I found I was still suffering some agony.

I was about to try a new saddle – but then I heard about another product. While chatting to a cyclist in the Falkirk Bicycle Club during a Sunday ride he told me that he was so impressed by “Crotch Guard” after the first try that he has now become the UK seller.

Crotch Guard was originally hailed as a skin care oil that was capable of healing skin conditions, such as cracked and chapped skin. Then it was found to work a treat on cyclists’ bottoms. Don’t ask me who discovered this because I’m not keen to hear the details but suffice to say the stuff really does work.

Crotch Guard looks like baby oil and has the same consistency. It arrives in a container with a spray pump top so you only pump out the amount you require. It is a bit messy applying the oil but one alternative is to spray it on to the padding of your cycle shorts. The label suggests that the oil absorbs quickly and completely but I confess I didn’t check this. I simply got on my bike and rode for many hot miles in the epic Bealach Mor cycle sportive. And I’m delighted to report that there was no undercarriage soreness at all.

On the label of Crotch Guard it says: “Designed to reduce friction and relieve chafing irritations so you can ride longer and stronger.” I couldn’t agree more. At £14.50 including P&P it’s not badly priced either. I’ve used the product a number of times and I hardly seemed to have made a dent in the volume.

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