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Guest blog: Why Ellen has signed up for the Edinburgh Moonwalk

Written by Fiona January 27 2011

Ellen is a good friend and fellow freelance journalist. When she mentioned on Facebook that she’d signed up for this year’s Edinburgh Moonwalk I was, frankly, gobsmacked. I can still recall her agony following her last Moonwalk. A few years ago Ellen and I walked the full 26.2-mile Moonwalk and while I pretty much survived intact poor Ellen was in a sorry state. Anyway, I’ll let her tell you the story – and why she’s signed up for the 2011 event. (She said she would never, ever do it again!) I’ve invited Ellen to  guest blog about her training over the coming months. She says writing about it will keep her motivated! I might add in a blog or two of advice on kit etc.

Here’s her story:

My name is Ellen Arnison. I’m a journalist and I have three sons a husband and a blog. I’m going to do the Edinburgh Moonwalk this year.

But first a story…

Once upon a time, many years ago, when I was young, fit, slim and energetic I did the Moonwalk in London. 26 and a bit miles through the night didn’t seem like much effort at all. I was dazzled by the event and fascinated to be walking through the benighted streets of the Capital. There had been training as well as carb loading and bra decorating.

A year or so later I did one in Edinburgh. Another glorious night, memorable for the sunrise and Fionaoutdoors’ spectacular eel impersonation!  There had been some training, although not as much.

Twelve months later, in a fit of arrogance and idleness, I did it again WITHOUT DOING ANY TRAINING. I did the distance, but it hurt, a lot.

Since the first moonlit March around London a lot has changed – I acquired a husband and a baby and, the scales haughtily tell me, a few kilos. I’ve also flirted with lots of what I jokingly call fitness regimes and abandoned them all. Now all I do is a bit of yoga and daily toddler power lifting sessions.

So when my London chum Lady Blah Blahs said she fancied doing the Edinburgh walk this year and would I like to join her, obviously, I dithered.

And I pondered and I hesitated. Then I said, what the heck I need a kick up the proverbial to get moving again and what could be better. Plus I like walking and talking with lovely people, like Lady BB.

So much has changed since my last bout of Moonwalking (and I don’t just mean my own shape) that I’m going to need as much help as I can to get through the night of June 11 with my pecker up and my toenails intact.

* Ellen has her own fab blog about her life, parenting, her three boys and her husband, The Panther of News. Why not take a look at InABunDance? It’s a great read.

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