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Wispa the Wonder Whippet (aka OutdoorsPup)

Written by Fiona February 01 2011

Little Miss Indoors and Wispa the Wonder Whippet

By popular request I am posting pictures of the new OutdoorsPup. She’s called Wispa (because we have a cat called Biscuit! Get it? The chocolate links…) and she’s just 13 weeks old. She hasn’t become a fully fledged OutdoorsPup yet because she’s still to have her second immunisation jags but I’m very hopeful of her Outdoor-loving personality. She’s been showing great promise running around at high speed in the garden!

It has taken Little Miss (Used-to-Love-The) Outdoors eight years to convince me that our already busy life and home needs a dog.  Now that we have had her for a few weeks I can honestly say I wish I’d given in earlier. She’s adorable (I hear that whippets usually are) and although she’s as bonkers as any pup she makes up for it with masses of affection.

Another reason for finally agreeing to get a dog is that I worry how little Little Miss does in the way of exercise. While I’ve always been keen on sport and fitness, Little Miss is far more likely to be playing on her computer, designing fashion outfits or applying make-up. I’ve no problem with any of this so long as she takes regular exercise as well. Sadly, she’s not inclined to do so.

Wispa pup

Little Miss used to go to tennis, swimming and a running club. But one by one she has given them up. I have encouraged her to try as many sports as I can but she’s not keen and I don’t think there’s any point in forcing her to do things that may well put her off for life. The one activity I have found successful, however, is going for a walk with other people’s dogs.

So I reckoned that if we got a dog, Little Miss would be more likely to want to go for a walk in the great outdoors. And already this theory is paying off. Little Miss has spent much more time outside in the garden playing with Wispa than I ever imagined she would. She’s also very keen to take Wispa for walks, once it’s safe for us to do so. I am hoping that this will increase the amount of exercise that Little Miss does on a daily basis.

Yes, I know, the novelty of walking a dog will wear off but Little Miss knows she has a responsibility to care for Wispa’s long-term good health and so I am determined that I will not be left to do all the walking. I’m hoping that in time Wispa will be well trained enough to run with me… but for now I’m looking forward to taking the Wonder Pup for a daily walk to the park. While I generally get enough exercise and outdoors fun I do tend to stay sitting at my desk from 8.30am to 5.30pm and a lunchtime or afternoon stroll will do my legs and brain the power of good. That’s my hope anyway!

Being a skinny puppy, Wispa likes my GoLite down top as much as I do!

So, here’s the first introduction to Wispa the Wonder Whippet – and do expect some updates on fitness and outdoors life with our new pup.

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