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Looking good in your work shoes you triathletes!

Written by Fiona October 05 2011

Triathletes tend to be keen on looking good. They spend time and money sourcing great quality sports clothing and equipment and in my experience they are some of the better dressed athletes. I’m not talking here about designer jeans and jackets, but rather well-made and well-fitting sports clothing that not only does the right job of keeping them warm, dry and comfortable but also helps them to look the part, too. I even know of guys that go to the extent of having their cycling jerseys tailored to fit them after buying them off the shelf. I guess that many triathletes have some disposable income to spend on sports clothing.

So it comes as quite a shock to spot some of my fellow triathletes wearing their sports clothing with the odd combination of their work shoes. At one club time trial cycling session the combination of cycling shorts with work shoes and socks  mad me laugh out loud and point! I’m sorry guys but the outfit looked ridiculous even if you had the excuse of coming from work to the time trial with a shoe change in between.

And here’s a fine example of ridiculous cycling overshoes. They always make me think of a character from a sci-fi movie.

This is the first blog in, no doubt, a series of blogs of photos showing bonkers footwear/sporting combos. Do send me some more if you have them!

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