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I recommend: Ben’s bike repair service in Glasgow

Written by Fiona

September 19 2012

Ben is a self-confessed bike geek – and the inventor of a great wee business. Based from his home in Pollokshields, on the southside of Glasgow, Ben fixes bikes. He buys old bikes to fix up and sell on for bargain prices. And he also repairs road and mountain bikes for people in the local area. But the best thing about his bike repair service is that he picks up your bike from you home (if you want him to), takes if back to his, treats it to a host of TLC and then brings the bike back cleaned and repaired. Ben will also come out to your home and do some on-the-spot repairs.

I heard about Ben through the Glasgow Triathlon Club and with two bikes requiring some work I thought his service sounded least hassle. His prices seemed very fair, too, and unlike many other bike repair shops he offered to have the bike turned around within days. When you ride bikes a lot for fitness or getting in and out of town, you need a repair place that will fix your bike in days, not weeks.

Beautiful carbon bike number one was first for Ben’s treatment. Ben arrived at my house on the north side of Glasgow, listened carefully to all that I felt was wrong with my bike and then took the bike away. The next day he texted me with a list of ailments and allowed me to buy the bike parts on-line for the cheapest price and get them posted to his place. Ben kept me informed as to how much he thought the repair would cost in terms of his time and just a day later he had the bike back at mine. He arrived at the time he said he would each time. The price for his work was extremely reasonable. He also took the time to carefully explain what he had done to the bike and offered me tips on how I could improve my care of the bike.

So, I decided to send him away with my other bike. This trusty bike is my run-around bike and has been massively abused over almost a decade; or massively well-used, depending on how you see it! One shop recently told me that the bike had a crack in the frame and questioned whether it would be worth me spending well over £100 on bike parts to get it fixed up. I’d left that shop thinking that I would need to buy myself another bike. But Ben inspected the bike and couldn’t see a crack in the frame.

He said he’d text me all the bike part requirements and a price for fixing it up before he went ahead with the work. The bike was returned two days later looking far healthier than it has done for years. Ben had spent the entire day cleaning the bike and its components, repairing bits, changing parts and generally giving my old Pinarello a great deal of love and attention. The total price was just £110.

I am delighted. Ben is personable, bike geeky in the best way possible, clearly knows his bikes and also loves cycling. He told me he test rode my Pinarello and thought it was “sweet”! That’s the way to a keen cyclist’s heart!

Ben came highly recommended by friends and I would add my vote of confidence and trust in him. It’s fantastic to see someone who loves bikes working for a living with bikes. He also left me with a few ideas for fantastic bike routes across the world. New Zealand is now top of my list! Give Ben a call or text him on 07787174400. His email is [email protected]

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