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Kit review: Spotty Otter Patrol Chillipup Suit

Written by Fiona November 02 2012

Action Mum Ali has two children, so she knows all about trying to find the ideal outdoors clothing for kids. Spotty Otter, which sells a range of outdoors clothing specifically designed for kids, sent Action Mum a Patrol Chillipup Suit (age 1-2 years; £86) for her youngest to try.

Spotty Otter Patrol Chilliput Suit

Spotty Otter Patrol Chilliput Suit

Here’s what Action Mum had to say:

Plus points of the Spotty Otter Patrol Chillipup Suit:

• The colour is lovely. Really bright and cheerful and perfect for dreary winter days. My daughter seemed to love it.
• Generous sizing. The all-in-one I was sent fits nicely but there is also still room for growth.
• The design is excellent. The cuffs are elasticated and the ankles have adjustable with Velcro so even if the suit is a little on the large side now I could still adjust it to fit my daughter.
• The fleecy lining is really cosy and comfortable for youngsters.
• The outer fabric is truly waterproof and when it rained I could see the water beading off the outer jacket rather than soaking in.
• Really high quality. Even the smallest details are well designed, such as the hood with a peaked front to keep the rain off the face.

How I would improve the Spotty Otter Patrol Chillipup Suit:

The only thing that would make this suit better would be wee hooks at the wrists to clip gloves on to.

In conclusion: Having seen a wide range of winter jackets for kids, it’s clear that the Spotty Otter is well thought out and designed. It is also made from high quality materials. I’ve owned loads of different kids’ suits and this is by far the best in terms of waterproofing and warmth.

Spotty Otter Patrol Chilliput Suit

Spotty Otter Patrol Chilliput Suit

It does cost a lot (£86) but I think it’s worth it. This Spotty Otter Patrol Chillipup Suit will appeal to parents who want a properly technical piece of kit for their kids that will keep them dry and warm.

I think it is also light enough to be used in the shoulder months of autumn and spring, but substantial enough for the winter months, too.

Also this is the jacket for parents who want their kids to look great in the park and skiing etc.

Overall I think it’s a brilliant piece of children’s technical clothing – and I’ve had many compliments about it from other parents.

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