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Winter Running Clothing Essentials

Written by Fiona December 13 2012

Whether you are training for a 10k race or simply trying to keep fit, finding the motivation to keep running in the winter is tough. My guest blogger, Michael Vosen, offers a range of helpful clothing tips to encourage you to get out there and clock up those miles on the run up to Christmas.

Tie up your shoelaces and get out there!

Tie up your shoelaces and get out there! Pic credit: Chris Paul Photography

Base Layers 

Running in the summer is simple. A sports bra, shorts, a vest top, socks and trainers and you are good to go. When the temperatures drop, you will need to add a couple of extra layers. This is where base layers come in. A base layer is designed to mould to your body – and offer a layer of trapped body heat, to keep you warm. Make sure your baselayer is also made from   a sweat-wicking fabric to keep you dry as you run. Many people are wary of becoming too hot once the body has adjusted to the temperature and worry that they will have to take a layer off, which could hinder technique and performance. The base layer solves this problem as it is light enough to go unnoticed but designed to keep you warm.

Running Tights

You could continue to run through the winter in shorts but many people find they end up with seized muscles and even chilblains. Running tights, especially the fleece-lined tights, offer protection from the elements. Many runners also swear by compression tights for exercise and post-exercise. Running in winter is about keeping your muscles warm – and comfort.

Running Trainers

Like running tights, you will not need to invest in a pair of running trainers for summer and winter but it is worth noting that every pair of trainers have a running life and as the seasons change, it is wise to check whether or not yours have seen their last days. Take your trainers with you to your chosen store and let them check the wear on the soles. If pavements are icy – and you’re trying to use this an excuse for not running – buy ice grips for your trainers. See the FionaOutdoors review. An alternative in winter is to run off-roadand away from sometimes icy pavements. You will need to invest in a pair of off-road running trainings.

Running Jacket

This is an essential for all runners who wish to keep going regardless of the weather. A running jacket is designed to give you an extra layer of protection against the elements. Look for windproof, water repellent and breathable fabrics. You’ll pay more for fully waterproof and breathable but often you’ll get away with a jacket that is water repellent and breathable.


Few people can run without gloves in winter. Choose lightweight and well-fitting. If you are looking to invest in high quality outdoor running shoes and accessories, you can find a great selection of clothing by North Face from Blackleaf UK.

Michael Vosen is an amateur freelance writer who writes on various aspects of the outdoors and camping.

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