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How to plan a ski holiday for a mixed-ability group

Written by Fiona February 07 2013

My guest blogger ponders the complexities of booking a ski holiday for a group of people with mixed abilities. It’s tough enough coming up with the right date, location, accommodation and ski hire package for a group of skiers that are all around the same ability ­ but add in beginner skiers, intermediate snowboarders, a couple of go-anyway bonkers skiers and children of all ages and the task could have you reaching for the gin bottle.

imgres-21Here’s a list of the most important points to consider during the organisation stages if a ski holiday:

Improve fitness before you leave

The fitter you are the more skiing you’ll be able to cope with and the better you will be able to deal with tougher slopes. The sport is really hard on your muscles, and if you’re not prepared you’ll end up needing days of rest or, worse still, being injured.

Gym work before you go on holiday should focus on building muscle strength and flexibility. Cardio fitness is also vital. Be prepared to work hard on your fitness for a few months before you travel.

As mobile signal is often poor on the slopes why not invest in a set of 2 Way Radios?

Ski schools

Choose a ski resort that will offer something for all, from beginners through to special sessions, such as off-piste snowboarding, for advanced members of the group

Of course, more experienced skiers don’t necessarily need to have more lessons, but it’s always good to learn something new and feel like you’re improving your skills, so why not go for it?

Also, if you can, pick a ski chalet that’s close to a ski school because it will make it much easier for new skiers to get to their lessons. Companies such as Snowchateaux offer this kind of accommodation. For example, their chalets in La Plagne are close to the meeting points for schools Evolution 2, New Generation, ESF and Snocool.

Other activities

My last piece of advice is to check out what other activities – aside from skiing and snowboarding, I mean – are available at your chosen resort. For example, kids are bound to love things like ice-skating and sleigh rides, while it’s also a good idea to choose a chalet well-equipped with WiFi, DVD players and games.

If you’re travelling with friends, I recommend picking a resort with quite a few different sports available, so you can all try something new together. Head to La Plagne, for instance, and you can give ice climbing or airboarding a go.

Alternatively, if you’ve decided on a break in Tignes, you could try snowmobiling, which is a really exciting group activity and perfect if you’re looking for something fast-paced and exhilarating. Mountaineering is another option in Tignes. Bureau des Guides in the Le Val Claret area offers tuition for complete beginners, as well as all the equipment you need.

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