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Kit review: OverBoard waterproof cases for iPad and iPhone

Written by Fiona May 30 2013

The outdoors has a nasty habit of being wet, windy, muddy and sandy. But gadgets, such as iPhones, iPads and cameras have become essential kit for many people when running, walking cycling, sailing, kayaking or enjoy other outdoor activities. So manufacturers have been busy creating a range of covers to keep your precious gadgets safe and dry.

Safe and dry OverBoard cases

ipad-mini-front-ob1083blk_strapMade from durable TPU and featuring a “class five” waterproof rating, OverBoard have created a range of cases that can cope with all kids of wet – rain, sea water, swimming pools and even the bath. The cases and bags can be submerged in up to 19ft of water and will float to the surface if dropped. An easy to use slide lock system keeps out water, dust or sand.

iPhone and iPad OverBoard case on test

Dipping iPad in the bath

Dipping iPad in the bath

I have been sent the OverBoard cases to fit an iPhone and iPad. Of most urgent need was the iPad case because I like to read my Kindle on the iPad in the bath. I have never dropped the iPad in the water but it was only a matter of time… (How many times have I dropped a book in the bath?!) The iPad OverBoard case is a great way to keep my iPad safe. The iPad fits into the bag neatly and easily and the slide-lock system offers excellent peace of mind. I have dared to dip the iPad in the case in bath water and I can report all went well!

The case also allows you to use the touch screen through the waterproofing. It can feel a little sticky but it doesn’t really affect your ability to action icons and scroll around the screen. I use the OverBoard case when travelling, too. It’s good to know that the bag will keep the iPad safe from scratches, rain, knocked over coffee cups on trains and in the car etc. When I am cycling and need to take my iPad with me I pop it into the OverBoard bag and then inside my rucksack.

Additional features that I like are the shoulder strap, padded rear hand loop that allows for both portrait and landscape viewing and the back camera window, which means you can take photos and videos. OverBoard suggest you can use the Ipad in water while snorkelling to take pictures. “Awesome,” said Little Miss Outdoors when I told her this. “I could go swimming and still play games on my iPad!”

OverBoard iPad/iPad mini Case costs £37.49/£29.99

small_phone_case_ob1008a_iphone5The OverBoard iPhone case is just as handy. I like to have my phone with me when I’m walking, running, cycling and sea kayaking. I have previously ruined a smartphone because of over-sweating on a bike. I have also dropped a phone into a loch. With the iPhone in a neat overboard case I know that it will stay perfectly dry. You can also use the touch screen through the OverBoard bag. I did find that speaking on the phone wasn’t so good. While I could hear the other person on the phone through the case, they found my voice a bit muffled. You could also use the cover to take photos or video with your iPhone while underwater.

OverBoard iPhone case is £17.49

Other OverBoard cases for the outdoors

Other overboard cases that you might find handy are a Waterproof Camera Case (£17.49) and a Waterproof Zoom Lens Camera Case (£22.49), as well as a Waterproof iPod and mp3 Case with waterproof earphones, for £39.99.

See OverBoard for more details and to buy.

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