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Sports pros join VegFest

Written by Fiona June 19 2013

I was vegetarian for more than a decade but then I started running (training for my first Glasgow Women’s 10k) and cycling and I began to feel tired. Something in me started to crave red meat. I haven’t often looked back and I do now eat meat regularly but I sometimes wonder if I could have made better changes to my veggie diet to compensate for the lack of energy. Contrary to popular belief – and to my laziness – it is possible to be a vegetarian and a highly successful athlete.

imgres-24Vegfest welcomes big sports names

In October,  London’s veggie show VegfestUK London welcomes a host of world-class athletes who will share their experiences on achieving success in their chosen sports on a strictly plant-based diet. Big names include:

* Elite marathon runner and Polar Ice Cap Marathon 2013 champion Fiona Oakes.

*Ex-Everton footballer Neil Robinson, the world’s first to play top flight professional football on a 100% vegan diet.

* Vegan athlete of the year bodybuilder Patrik Baboumian

* Ultramarathon runner Scott Jurek

* UK powerlifting champion and cancer survivor Pat Reeves, who is author of the bestseller A Living Miracle.

Organises are delighted to welcome these sports personalities. They said: “Their achievements in their fields while steering clear of meat and dairy really dispel the stereotypical view that veggies are weak and skinny hippies, and they completely dispel the notion that we need steaks and whey protein to build muscles and have energy. From these experts, visitors to our show will learn how to maintain, or even improve, their physical strength and vitality, on a diet of fruits and vegetables.”

The show takes place on October 5 and 6, 11am-7pm each day,at the Kensington Olympia (West Halls).  Advance tickets are available on a buy one get one free basis for a  limited period. For futher info see London Veg Fest 

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