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Recovery aids for sporty types

Written by Fiona September 02 2013

Every athlete, amateur or elite, knows the benefits of recovery days. Without days of less or no exercise, and easier “recovery” sessions, the body is unable to adapt and grow stronger.  There is a lot of sports science behind all this but essentially these recovery days are as important as the training days. So I am never scared to put my feet up when my coach tells me, too! And in recent months my recovery has been aided by a treasure trove of lotions!

Oils, scrubs and feet pads for recovery

A couple of months ago I was sent a big package of after-sports recovery aids. These are not your usual re-fuelling and muscle-building drinks and gels but rather a collection of massage oils, smoothing scrubs and circulatory enhancing foots pads. Here’s what I tested.

Circulation Patch-It

normalThe theory: Lots of running makes your feet ache. These foot patches support healthy blood flow and reduce swelling by up to 53%, as well as minimising any numbness or discomfort. The patches also claim to harness the power of reflexology.

What they did for me: You wear the patches stuck to the bottom of your feet at night. At first, there didn’t seem to be any noticeable effect but they were easy to wear and so I simply went to sleep. The next day, I did feel as though my feet were nicely refreshed and relaxed. I can’t say there was any swelling reduction but then my feet don’t tend to swell up much. Wearing a pair another night I tried to home in on any after-effects and I believe I awoke refreshed; perhaps more refreshed than normal.

£29.99 for 20 patches / 3.99 for 2 patches from Holland & Barrett and

Dr. LeWinn’s Revitalising Hand & Foot Polish

normalThe theory: Give your hands and feet some TLC with a luxurious exfoliating polish. This is packed with oat bran and nourishing oils to get your hardened skin back in tip-top shape in no time.

What it did for me: I rarely take care of my feet and hands and this shows with rough and patch skin. The Hand and foot polish was the perfect excuse for a bit of pampering. It is lovely to massage feet and hands with the Revitalising Polish and my skin was certainly a lot smoother and sleeker after doing so. Recovery felt a whole lot better after this pampering session!


Janjira Thai Lime & Ginger Massage Oil

imgres-38The theory: Treat tired, tight and sore muscles to this massage oil. It contains blends of Sunflower, Sweet Almond and Marula Seed Oils, which act as a moisturiser and antioxidant.

What it did for me: I didn’t really get a look in after my partner the G-Force, who is studying for a Swedish massage Diploma, discovered this oil. He really liked the consistency of the oil and his case studies loved the smell and the soothing after-effects. The oil is also free of Parabens, which appealed to the G-Force who prefers to use products with fewer chemicals. When I was – once or twice! – treated to a leg and back massage with the Janira oil I could only agree with all the case studies! The oil feels so light and refreshing and leaves the muscles and skin feeling refreshed and soothed. Lovely stuff.


Gamila Secret Face Oil 

imgres-39The theory: A secret oil and herbal cocktail, this face oil promises to help with cell renewal to give radiance to skin. It also hydrates, soothes, regenerates skin etc.

What it did for me: I am not keen on oil on the face because I always worry it will bring me out in spots but this didn’t happen at all. My partner offered to practise his face massage using this oil and I can honestly say I have never felt so relaxed. He combined the face massage with a foot massage (using Janjira Thai Lime & Ginger Massage Oil) to tip me over the edge into “almost sleep”. The after-effects of the oil on my face was a lovely soft feel to my skin and a really deep moisterising sensation. I feared it would feel oily afterward but this didn’t happen. The oil disappeared into my skin. At £70, this is a pricey face treatment but if you were to use it once a week it would last a long time.

£70 Gamila Face Oil and House of Fraser

Go on athletes, treat yourself!

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