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The wonders of Cycology

Written by Fiona September 10 2013

We’re an odd bunch, if I’m honest. Cyclists, runners and triathletes – in fact many outdoorsy folk – are a little, shall I say, different from the average person. It’s the “obsessional” element that makes us seem kind of odd.

cache_300_400_Surgically Enhanced Bike Tshirt from Cycology Gear-1So many cyclists I know are obsessed with the right bikes, clothing and gadgets. The same is true for runners and their trainers. Triathletes have three times the sports to obsess over and I think that triathlon is home to one of some of the loveliest, yet most obsessional, people I know. Myself included.

Rather than worrying about this strangeness I like to embrace it. Which is why I was delighted to come across the website Cycology Gear – and a range of t-shirts for runners, cyclists and triathletes.

The genius of Cycology t-shirts

Many of these t-shirts have designs that beautifully sum up the crazy, wacky, mad and obsessive natures of the sports people that enjoy running, cycling and triathlon.

The two t-shirts that I chose are:

Surgically Enhanced, featuring the details of the inside of a cyclist’s brain. Each segment of the brain details road rides, bike stuff, mechanical stuff, cafes, MTB trails, training stats, cycling websites etc. You get the idea!  There are also two small brain segments for family and work.

When Little Miss saw the t-shirt she remonstrated that the area for family was too small. I suggested to Cycology that they print a new t-shirt deigns for teenagers with the whole brain taken over by one segment: “All about me!”.

cache_300_400_Blue Moon Runners Tshirt from Cycology-1Blue Moon details  that Once in a Blue Moon moment when running feels effortless and amazing. It’s these moments that keep you running, even when the running doesn’t feel good at all and it’s a dark, wet evening.

There are dozens of other inspired designs that will appeal.

Quality of the Cycology t-shirts

These are casual wear t-shirts, rather than hi-spec sportswear. They are made from 100% cotton. There is loose fit and tighter fit and the designs also come in male and female fit.

This is an Australian company but the shipping is free and my t-shirts arrived within five days. A size comparison is that I usually wear a UK10 but in the loose-fit women’s I went for a small, while in the tighter fit women’s I chose a medium. Both fit beautifully.

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