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Five great family camping tips

Written by Fiona March 24 2014

Camping has been booming in popularity in recent years and many more families are seeing a camping holiday as a fun and budget option.

These days, camping doesn’t have to mean cold, damp and slumming it. Equipment and a range of innovative entertainments have brought camping holidays into the 21st century with lots of comfort and joy.


Organising a camping trip can be tricky, though, what with having to organise all of the camping equipment and get the whole family into the car and all the way there only to find that you’ve forgotten the tent pegs or the kids’ sleeping bags.

Here, then, are some top tips to make sure it all goes smoothly:

  • Get kitted: Make sure you’ve got all the equipment. There are numerous things to take into account, but the essentials are tents, sleeping bags, mattresses, camping stoves, outdoors clothes and hot water bottles to keep warm, just in case the weather turns for the worse. Make sure you’ve got enough food and drink, too, and that it’s stuff that will keep, as you may be some distance from the nearest shop or supermarket and will need to ensure that you’re covered for all eventualities.
  • That’s entertainment: Whether you enjoy a week of sunshine or rain there will always be times when the kids complain of being bored. So make sure you’ve packed some games and entertainment to keep the kids occupied. Traditional camping entertainment includes board games and cards. These days, mobile power packs and solar chargers mean you can add iPhones, iPads and hand-held computer games.
  • School might be out but Camping trips are great for educational opportunities in the school holidays. The open space is ideal for kids to learn about nature or how about spotting star constellations at night, too? Many areas have school holiday activities such as pond dipping, bushcraft, learning to surf etc so check to see what is going on wherever you plan to holiday.
  • Packed schedule: Make sure you have a plan of action each day. It doesn’t have to cost much but activities keep the whole family focused on having fun. Go for a walk, try surfing, enjoy fishing, visit nearby tourist attractions or hire bikes and head off for a two-wheel adventure.
  • Have fun: This is the biggest tip of all. Family trips, outings and holidays should be fun and enjoyable for all, and ensuring that you’ve got all of the right gear and have plenty of back-up plans to make the trip fun and entertaining will leave the whole family with happy memories of your camping trip.

This blog was written in association with Halfords.

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