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Kit review: Triathlon Box

Written by Fiona June 23 2014

Too many times I have found myself struggling towards the transition area of a triathlon event, ladened with an unwieldy box, various plastic bags and trying to wheel and balance my bike at the same time. In many cases I’ve required the assistance of a “helper”.


Photo 3

In the transition area you will usually find me, like many others, worrying about the right kit, repeatedly searching for my goggles or swim hat and panicking over other small but vital items that I seem to have lost at the bottom of the box of bags.

The same happened to amateur triathlete John-Paul Ashton but instead of putting up and making do he decided to invent a solution. His new Triathlon Box is the clever solution. The box has a space for every item of triathlon and is especially suited to people taking part in longer distance events, such as half and full Ironmans.

photo 2

The Triathlon Box also fits neatly over the top tube of your bike for easy transport and can double up as a seat when you are waiting around before and after the triathlon.

Photo 1

JP gave we a quick overview of the Triathlon Box recently and told me about how it is made in England and how he plans to develop new versions for overseas triathlons. I was impressed with the quality of the box and the attention to detail. I also liked JP’s enthusiasm for a home-invented product.

It is probably easier for you to understand what a Triathlon Box is by watching this video:

See TriathlonBox

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