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Kit review: RockiNoggins bike helmet covers

Written by Fiona October 25 2014

There are people who like their bike kit to be straightforward, pared down or samey – and there are others who like to look a bit different. For these people – and I imagine them to be commuters or “around town” cyclists – RockiNoggins could be their perfect choice.


RockiNoggins make funky covers for bike helmets. The range of lightweight, heavyweight and water resistant covers are made in sizes and styles for helmets worn by men, women and kids.

4a927a474d666aa698c0bbf2d3b62187The covers are attached to average bike helmets to make them look like something far less ordinary. My tester, Debs, said she had trouble in the beginning trying to attach her RockiNoggins helmet cover to her bike helmet but once she’d has a look at the helpful RockiNoggins link the process became far more straightforward.


images-2Many of the helmet cover styles remind me of a jockey’s hat or a summer sun hat. Debs thinks they look “fun and flamboyant and would be perfect for city cycling commuters, especially the young and trendy”.

She added: “The helmet covers turn a boring and utilitarian helmet into something altogether more fun and stylish. If wearing a helmet makes you feel unfashionable, adding a RockiNoggins cover will entirely change your perceptions and cycling looks.”

The response from other cyclists when seeing a RockiNoggins helmet cover being worn has been mixed. There are some who prefer to keep their bike helmet looking, well, like a bike helmet. These cyclists are predominately the sporty, racer types. However, many other people loved the look of RockiNoggins covers and wanted to know where they could buy one. If you’re interested here: RockiNoggins or on Amazon.

Cycling should be for all and if you like to look stylish while you’re on your bike a RockiNoggins helmet cover will give you a really fashionable twist.Add commuter cycling cloths for the best overall effect.

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