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Who will sign up to the 5×50 Challenge?

Written by Fiona

February 24 2015

I have been interviewing people who have signed up to the annual 5×50 Challenge and one asked me if I would be doing it, too. I stumbled and mumbled a bit and said, in truth, I hadn’t really thought about it.

So he said I should think about it – and I quickly agreed that I would join up and pledge to raise money for charity through the challenge. I might even join his team, after he invited me to do so.

In any case, I figured that I exercise most days and this will focus me to definitely exercise each day.

The 5×50 calls on participants to pledge to exercise for 30 minutes or 5k every day for 50 days from March 29, 2015.

This year there are other options for access. Challengers can choose one of the five platforms to complete their 50 days, including:

  • The movers: Individual/team/school complete 5k distance by walking, jogging, running, cycling, rowing etc for 50 days
  • The added extras: Individual/team/school complete minimum 30 minutes of activity/exercise including the above with addition of yoga, weight training, exercise class etc for 50 days
  • The pairs: Two people split the challenge to cover 5k for 50 days between them, so each person does 25 days.
  • The teams: Five people cover 1km per day for 50 days by walking, jogging, running, cycling, rowing, swimming etc.
  • The builders: Individuals build from five minutes of activity to 50 minutes of activity by the end of the 50-day challenge

I plan to be a Mover and will walk, run, cycle, swim, hike, mountain bike and maybe even ski tour for my daily 5k. I plan to do more than 5k most days although that will be my minimum when hard pushed for time or energy.

Jump for joy: Run, hike, ski, swim, cycle whatever you fancy in the 5x50 Challenge.

Jump for joy: Run, hike, ski, swim, cycle, whatever you fancy in the 5×50 Challenge.

5×50 for charity

In addition, the 5×50 Challenge, which is a Scottish charity, aims to raise funds for a number of charity partners. In 2015, there will be five charity partners, including MacMillan, SAMH, MS Society, Chest, Heart and Stroke (Scotland) and Children 1st.

How 5×50 started

The inaugural challenge was founded in Scotland in September 2012 and attracted 5,000 participants from 43 countries and raised more than £75,000 for various charities.

Year on year, 5×50 has attracted new challengers and to date more than 15,000 people have taken part and charities have benefited by an excess of £210,000 .

The Challenge is backed by the Chief Medical Officers for Scotland, England, Northern Ireland and Wales and has the support of organisations and famous names who are committed to healthier lifestyles for everyone.

They include former 10,000m world champion and Olympic athlete Liz McColgan, her steeplechase runner daughter Eilish, ultra runner Dr Andrew Murray, pentathlete Mhairi Spence ,Scottish Minister for Sport Shona Robison and TV presenter Jenni Falconer.

5X50 co-founder Raymond Wallace says:  “The Challenge started off in Scotland as a personal challenge in 2012, to walk or run 5k every day for 50 days. Since then it has grown amazingly quickly and with so much enthusiasm from so many people worldwide.

“Research demonstrates that habits are formed after 21 days, so with the challenge running over 50 days, this makes it much easier for participants to continue beyond the end of the challenge into a new way of life.

“We are very hopeful of a fitter and healthier future for so many more people thanks to 5×50.

10 reasons to take part in the 5×50

1) Regular physical activity helps to prevent and manage more than 20 chronic illnesses, including heart disease, obesity, strokes and mental health conditions. How to choose an on-line psychiatrist.

2) Daily exercise is a great way to lose weight.

3) Activity can also boost workplace efficiency and cuts sickness absence.

4) Physical activity is great for boosting mental well-being.

5) To create a habit of exercising daily

6) Motivation is improved if you have a target although it needs to be realistic. Doping some form of exercise for 30 minutes or 5k each days for 50 days is achievable for many people.

7) The 5×50 offers lots of different ways to be active and can even be completed as a team or pair.

8) Joining the 5×50 brings new friends and acquaintances in the 5×50 community

9) You will be raising funds for worthwhile charities by staying fit.

10) If you stick to the 5×50 you will feel a huge sense of pride at completing something good for you.

Will you sign up to the 5X50 Challenge at www.5×

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