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10 of the world’s most expensive bikes

Written by Fiona

March 24 2015

If you like bikes, especially expensive bikes, you might well enjoy this top 10 list of the world’s most expensive and luxurious bikes. It’s not all carbon bling, high-speed lightness and aerodynamics though because some of the priciest bikes are pricey because of their design credentials or the famous creator.

The top 10 has been compiled by LikeBike, which is a new premium-brand exhibition celebrating all things bicycle in 2015. These 10 bikes will be displayed at the exhibition that takes in Monte Carlo over the Easter weekend (April 3 to 5).

Top 10 expensive bikes

Malle Bicyclette by Monyat

malle à

£33,659 (made to order)

Moynat was founded in 1849 by Pauline Moynat, a visionary and the only woman trunk-maker in history. As the most Parisian among the French trunk-makers, Moynat has created Malle Bicyclette for the perfect picnic. The trunk, which contains porcelain goblets as well as plates and cutlery, is perched like a tree-house between the wheel and handlebars. Its triple-curved bottom perfectly cradles the front wheel.

Bestianera Montecarlo Edition by T°RED

Bestianera Montecarlo Edition by T°RED


BestiaNera is the hybrid bike, reinvented. The carbon fibre is converted by Italian designer Romolo Stanco into the coolest, lightest and most flexible bike ever. The Montecarlo Edition lets you switch from a track bike to an hybrid sport-urban bike in less than 10 minutes.




Nevi was born in 1992 thanks to the determination of the co-founders Finazzi Sergio e Consuelo. From the beginning the purpose was to stand out from other bicycle frames brands, hence just choosing to work with a noble material such as titanium.

Bicicletto® by SPA

Bicicletto® by SPA


Bicicletto is an Italian design icon, with know-how and craftsmanship. The Bicicletto is an electric vehicle with an innovative design that defines a new concept of mobility. It is equipped with an electronic throttle that allows it to be used without pedalling.

Pininfarina Fuoriserie by Pininfarina



The Pininfarina Fuoriserie is a luxury tailormade bike created in Italy by the expert artisans of 43Milano in a limited edition of 30 units. Inspired by the iconic 1930s bespoke cars, it combines tradition, seen in the detailed saddle and handlebar’s woven leather The Bridge, and innovation, such as a micro electric engine that supports the ride.

Aero Road 6.2 by Dassi



The bike was designed in the UK by an ex Rolls Royce engineer and hand painted and assembled in the UK. From April 1st the bikes will be manufactured in the UK and there is already a research programme in the UK looking at advances, such as nano composite, electronic integration, aero dynamic wheels and nano polymer paint finishes.

R.E1+FS27.5 by ROTWILD



The German high-end brand ROTWILD pioneers performance e-mountain-bikes. The compact Integrated Power Unit enables an extremely agile geometry. The kinematics of the R.E1+ are adjusted to the requirements of the Brose drive system, guaranteeing excellent responsiveness.

Urban One by Guapa


Urban One is a bespoke handcrafted wood composite bicycle that is designed and made in England. The bicycle combines cutting edge technology with ride performance and a timeless design. A very limited first production of “5 bikes” are being released at the LikeBike exhibition and will also be available to order with bespoke custom spray and engraving options

ST2 by Stromer



Ushering a new era for the chic and smart urban lifestyle, the ST2 combines digital connectivity with Swiss efficiency and eco-friendly mobility to deliver a truly ground-breaking e-bike experience.

GoCycle by KKM


They say you can’t re-invent the wheel or improve the design of the bicycle. E-bike brand Gocycle did both. Developed in London by former McLaren Cars engineer Richard Thorpe, Gocycle combines automotive inspired innovations with a stand out, futuristic and seamless design. Gocycle packs away perfectly where space is tight making it ideal for storage on super yachts and boats, or in the car boot for active weekends away. It is described as being ergonomic, elegant, lightweight, ingenious and fun.

  • LikeBike takes place in Monte Carlo from the 3rd to 5th April 2015. For more details and tickets visit


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