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Luxor from above and on the ground

Written by Fiona

April 01 2015

Thanks to its remarkable history and fascinating past, Egypt has a great deal to offer tourists including numerous ancient temples and archaeological sites. In addition, a favourable climate, a captivating culture and plenty of outdoor activities make this North African a destination for al kinds of people.

In fact, all of these alluring reasons to visit Egypt can be enjoyed on a Saga holiday to the wonderful city of Luxor. But what else can you do here apart from visit the Valley of the Kings and the Colossi of Memnon?

Hot air balloon ride

What better way to see Luxor’s amazing landmarks than from the sky? A hot air balloon ride offers the chance to witness prominent attractions such as the Ramesseum, Temple of Hatshepsut, Medinet Habu and, of course, the River Nile.

You’ll also see what traditional life is like in Luxor, since most balloon rides pass over rural villages and remote communities, too.

If you choose to go in the morning, you’ll also be treated to an astonishing sunrise, which makes this location’s scenery that bit more stunning.

Camel rides in Luxor. Pic credit: R Amoeba on Flickr

Camel rides in Luxor. Pic credit: R Amoeba on Flickr

Horseback and camel riding tours

Another way of gaining a unique insight into the regular routines of Luxor’s residents is to go on a horseback or camel riding tour. These animals are still used on a daily basis in Egypt, as many people rely on them to get around and transport goods.

The choice of tour you decide to go on will be down to personal preference, but options include getting closer to nature in the countryside, watching farmers work the fields just like their ancestors, visiting some of Luxor’s famed attractions or traversing Egypt’s incredible terrain.

Go on a safari

Did you know several footpaths connect various sites on the West Bank and that these are the same trails used by ancient craftsmen, priests and guards? You can follow in their footsteps by going on a walking safari over the Theban Hills, which also offers up some spellbinding views of Luxor and the surrounding landscape.

These paths are fairly easy to navigate and will be more of a vigorous walk rather than a difficult hike. On a clear day, it is possible to see 25 miles or more to the Red Sea Hills and various towns along the Nile.

However, be careful when walking in summer, as Egypt can get very hot. Remember to drink plenty of water and regularly apply sunscreen.

Thanks to my guest blogger for adding a few active in Luxor ideas to the usual historic and cultural highlight.

Image of hot air ballon from frattonlad007, used under Creative Commons licence.

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