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Fun outdoor activities in London

Written by Fiona

July 21 2015

London is a great place to visit but most people go to see the iconic landmarks and attractions. It’s true that the UK is home to a few of the world’s most epic trails according to National Geographic, but none of them are actually anywhere near London. Though that doesn’t mean that nature lovers or those living an active lifestyle can’t have a good time in a city like London.

With Heathrow Airport accessible by more than 90 airlines from 170 destinations, as detailed by Parking4Less, London is world-class city and one of the most sought after destinations for all kinds of travellers, whether they live for the modern conveniences of a metropolis or love to spend their days outdoors in the many parks the city has to offer.

In fact, surprisingly for a capital city, there are lots of outdoor activities to try.

Kayak at West Reservoir


Towards north-east London is a relatively unknown watersports centre in Green Lanes that offers sailing and kayaking lessons. The Castle Canoe Club is open every Sunday morning from 10am to 1pm, as well as Tuesday evenings (except in winter) from 6 to 8pm. People visiting for the first time are eligible for one free session on the reservoir, with no reservations necessary. Just remember to arrive a little earlier than opening times and bring a change of clothes, including shoes.

Tour by bike

Cycle tours have become grown to be a popular way to tour a new destination, allowing you to have a local perspective on all the landmarks that normally would take you several days to check out by foot. Before making any commitments to tour operators, you might want to consider going on the Secret London Tour, which combines “medieval history, legend, scandal and modern glamour.” Having a pint at a pub is even included in the itinerary.

Get lost in a secret garden


TimeOut might have listed these secret gardens and green spaces as hideaways for the summer, but plants and leaves are the prettiest in autumn. Soak in the vibrant colours of the woodland garden Isabella Plantation, or discover the faded grandeur of the West Heath in Hampstead Hill Garden and Pergola, where vines wrap around the stone columns and overhanging plants create a lush canopy.

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