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An Adventure Traveller’s Guide to Vietnam

Written by Fiona

August 13 2015

Vietnam is a firm favourite with explorers. Located in Southeast Asia, Vietnam has everything an intrepid traveller could want, from paradise beaches and natural landscapes to historical sites and modern skyscrapers.

While the more relaxed traveller may prefer to stay in a luxury hotel and visit the pagodas and museums in Ho Chi Minh, those seeking adventure crave something more.

For travellers keen to explore a more adventurous side of Vietnam, read up on local etiquette and consider skipping the typical tourist routes in favour of these alternatives.

Motorbike madness

Motorbikes and scooters everywhere! Pic credit: Justin Jensen on Flickr

Motorbikes and scooters everywhere! Pic credit: Justin Jensen on Flickr

While you can travel via train or plane, one of the most adventurous ways to take in Vietnam’s incredible scenery is by road. Motorbikes are Vietnam’s favourite form of transport, so hire one and join in the fun. Pass through villages, ride along the coast or enjoy the breathtaking views through national parks.

Choose cable cars

Black Virgin Mountain: Pic credit Tommy Japan on Flickr

Black Virgin Mountain: Pic credit Tommy Japan on Flickr

Surrounded by corn fields, rubber plantations and rice paddies, the summit of Black Virgin Mountain offers amazing panoramic views. While it may not be Vietnam’s tallest mountain (it has an elevation of around 900 metres), one of the best ways to enjoy the sights is via cable car. However, dotted with temples and shrines, it is also well worth taking a hike.

Go kayaking

xx Bay Pic credit: Andrea Schaffer on Flickr

Ha Long Bay Pic credit: Andrea Schaffer on Flickr

A World Heritage Site, Ha Long Bay is known for the hundreds of impressive islands that sit like statues in the water. A great way to soak up the atmosphere is by kayak. Hire one from the many vendors and paddle in between the rock faces, making regular stops to discover hidden crevices and caves.

Hot air balloon ride

Vietnam is known for being a lush and green country. Although you can climb mountains or take a cruise, there is no better way to view this magnificent scenery than by hot air balloon. Enjoy the thrill and see Vietnam from a new perspective as you take to the skies, leaving the noise and crowds behind.

Take a tour

If you want adventure without the hassle of arranging transport and planning an itinerary, then a guided tour is a brilliant option. A guided tour of Vietnam allows you to see the best that this beautiful country has to offer, including bustling urban areas and small traditional villages. Leave the stress behind and follow a guide as you enjoy cruises, city excursions, overnight train journeys and exploratory bicycle rides.

This post was written in partnership with Uncover the World Travel Limited.

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