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Kit review: SKINS A400 Starlight sports tights

Written by Fiona

September 26 2015

This season, sports compression brand SKINS has introduced Starlight visibility into its A400 range to enhance wearer safety in low-light conditions.

I have been wearing the tights for running. I have worn SKINS tights for many years and I like the fit. I prefer a lower waist and no fuss styling. I also like a good level of support in all those potentially bum and thigh wobbly areas.

While I usually wear supportive Lycra shorts underneath other running tights, with SKINS I find they offer high levels of support while wearing just my normal pants beneath.

The new A400s are just as good to wear as last season’s tights. I also find that the tights do not wear out. I have tights from many years ago that are still going strong.


You can choose tights to fit your size by following their size chart. This has been created by “ taking into account that not all individuals of the same height and weight have the same body shape”.

To create their size chart SKINS performed a 3D full-body scan of hundreds of athletes, amateur and professional, of all shapes and sizes. From 800,000 measurements taken of each athlete, they established 400 key fitting points, which form the basis of all 400 Series garments.

I am a tall and slim UK10 and I find that small women’s 400 tights fit beautifully. They are just about long enough (I do have long legs) and they a really comfortable at the crucial hips and waist area. They are not too tight, nor too loose and this means they do not fall down. This is different form many other tights that either require to be tied uncomfortably tight around the waist or fall down at the crutch when running.

Screen Shot 2015-09-26 at 13.23.21

Other features of the SKINS A400 Starlight:

  • Highly reflective graphics for low-light activity.
  • Long and ¾ lengths and in men and women’s fit.
  • ADAPTIVE fabric that is meant to act like a “second skin”. It offers “dynamic cooling and moisture management properties that are directly triggered by body temperature”.
  • Biomechanical design: The design A400’s biomechanical design “follows natural muscle lines which, combined with SKINS’ Dynamic Gradient Compression, help to minimise the risk of injury in the glutes, quads and hamstrings. The long tights offer an additional protective design for the calves and Achilles tendon”.
  • Flexible and flat A-seams for durability without chafing.
  • Endorsed by the Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA).

Screen Shot 2015-09-26 at 13.23.11

On test: SKINS A400 Starlight sports tights

As I wrote above I have always liked SKINS tights for running. I do not like their tops because I find they make me feel too chilly. But the tights fit and work perfectly for me.

The new A400 tights have a slightly different look and the extra reflective graphics are a great bonus. SKINS were once super plain black with turquoise stitching. Now they are black with a nice range of all-round reflective graphics.

I also like the new waistband, which is wider and more comfortable than previous versions of these tights. There is a useful small pocket accessed from the top of the rear of the waistband. It doesn’t have a closure so it’s not a confidence builder for stowing car keys but would be fine for a small smartphone or music gadget.

The fabric of the tights feels silky on the skin and very supportive, but not in an uncomfortable “too compressed” way. Running in the tights is ultra comfy. There is no wobble or chafing at all.

Sweat wicks away easily and the tights, even after a long run, do not feel too damp. They are quick drying, too. To be honest this is similar to most running tights so it’s nothing unique.

I am a bit biased about the new A400 tights because SKINS has long been a favourite. I like the updated look and design and I can see these being at the top of my running tights pile when choosing a pair for winter wear.

At £100 these are not cheap. Not at all. But I have SKINS tights I have worn many, many times for years and they are still in good condition so it would be more of an investment buy. See SKINS.

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