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Get SkiFit for a skiing holiday

Written by Fiona

October 25 2015

Most skiers know that they really should get a little ski fit before heading off for the slopes. They know that it will help to prevent potential injury and offer a much more enjoyable experience on holiday. But how many ski specific exercises do you do before going skiing? Maybe you manage a half-hearted session of some exercises you’ve spotted in a magazine, such as wall squats or single leg dips.


To be better, stronger and prevent injury you really should consider an exercise programme that replicates skiing as much as possible, says physiotherapist Rachael Lowe. Here Rachael reveals a new app, called SkiFit. She is one of the founders of the app.

What is SkiFit?

SkiFit is a video-based online training programme and mobile app aimed at skiers who are serious about getting fit for their skiing. Developed by expert physiotherapists, the programme offers a series of high quality exercises specific to skiing and is suitable for all levels of fitness.

New for 2015, you can also download the programmes on to your mobile device so you can do them anywhere.


There are four different phases that build up over eight weeks. Each session takes one hour and includes a warm up, activation exercises, core work, circuits, coordination exercises and a final stretch down.

And it’s about more than just your Quads (those big thigh muscles that all Olympic skiers have). You’ll be working on butt strength, aligned hips and knees, dynamic flexibility in your spine and a solid core. You’ll be developing dynamic stability to keep you centred over your ski, strength to keep you going all day and a conditioned core to support all of this.

Also new for 2015 is SkiFit8, an eight-minute version of the full SkiFit programme.


It takes the best exercises from the full programme and puts them into a short session that you can do on days when you are busy, in work breaks or even to kickstart the day before breakfast.

Check out this one minute workout from SkiFit:

  • Thanks to Rachael Lowe for helping to write this blog. Find out more about her at Physiopedia.

See SkiFit.


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