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Five reason to try a skiing holiday

Written by Fiona

November 17 2015

Have you thought about a skiing holiday but been put off by the cost, your inexperience or a lack of fitness? Well, think again because skiing holidays are great for all sorts of reason, as my guest writer James Crier reveals.

It’s fun to learn a new skill

 Whatever your age and fitness levels, skiing can be learned by everyone. The best way to do this is to join a ski school and let them assess the right class for you.

If you take lessons in the morning and practise skiing in the afternoon, after a week you should be competently skiing blue graded runs. The following holiday you can progress to red runs.

Lessons are also helpful for people who have skied before. Perhaps you want to perfect your parallel turns or learn to ski off-piste or cross country.

Active, thrilling and challenging, skiing provides the opportunity to master a new skill and shape up.

What’s more, it doesn’t have to end when you get home because there are lots of UK ski centres where you can continue to practice.

It’s exciting for all

 From age three to 93, skiing is as exciting as you want it to be. There are resorts and ski trips to accommodate every skillset. Even novices can have fun with green and blue runs winding there way around resorts and down mountainsides.

Indeed, companies like Iglu Ski specifically cater to beginners, offering fantastic opportunities to enjoy the thrill of the slopes without feeling overwhelmed.

If you are looking for more thrills, try red and black runs or go off-piste where allowed.

For family time

 Because skiing is for all ages, it’s possible to enjoy a family holiday. Being outdoors and active will also provide lots of binding moments and many families who ski describe it as some of the best quality time they experience.


Stunning scenery

 If you’re still in need of an incentive to ski, then the scenery should tick that final box. Ski resorts tend to be situated in truly stunning locations, with snow-capped mountains and cold, clear skies as standard. Ethereally lovely and truly humbling in their scope and immensity, these snowscapes are enticement enough in themselves to keep you coming back time and time again.

To sleep well

When you have skied all day, enjoyed a filling meal and had a few glasses of wine or beer, you are guaranteed to sleep well. Getting an early night ready for another day of skiing is the way to best enjoy your holiday.

This blog was written in collaboration with guest blogger James Crier.

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