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Kit review: Spotty Otter Adventure II waterproofs

Written by Fiona

January 04 2016

In November, mum Jo and daughter Rosie reviewed the Spotty Otter Patrol II Kids Dungarees. The conclusion, if you’re too time-poor to read it, is that they loved them. Next, Jo and Rosie have been putting the Spotty Otter Adventure II waterproofs (jacket and dungarees) to the test. Here’s what they think (written by mum with input from daughter!).

Given that we’re having the warmest, wettest winter in more than a century, two-year old Rosie has been able to comprehensively test these Spotty Otter Waterproofs. We requested a red jacket and blue dungarees because we prefer the look to be less uniform.

Just in case you missed it in the first review, the Spotty Otter mantra is “high function, high fun” and their website tells us their gear is designed with a wish for kids to: “Have fun – good old-fashioned, rough-and-tumble, jump-and-splash, scream-and-shout type of fun.”

Spotty Otter 1

Spotty Otter 2

We tried out the waterproof jacket and dungarees from the Adventure II range, which have been designed to be tough, waterproof and breathable. The aim is to stop the water getting in but without the mini-wearer becoming clammy from sweat. This is important when high-energy puddle jumping is on the agenda.

The quality is immediately apparent. The OtterTex 15000 waterproof and breathable outer shell has a full mesh lining and taped seams. They are made using the environmentally-friendly production method (Bluesign®) and, importantly, you can throw them in the washing machine.

The jacket is long enough to cover little bottoms (essential when they decide to slide on them) and has an excellent adjustable peaked hood that stays up. This is a first in our experience. The hood detaches, but not easily enough that it will disappear at the first tug from a wilful toddler.

The dungarees more than met expectations based on our experience of the Patrol IIs. All the features we loved were there, including generous sizing, elasticated waist, adjustable braces and ribbing under the arms for a cosy fit, super cute “spotty otter” pocket and reinforced knees.

Spotty Otter 3

As we’ve come to know with Spotty Otter, it’s the detail that’s impressive. A great example of this is the Velcro straps and zip at the ankles of the dungarees. This means that not only are they super easy to get on and off, once you’ve adjusted the strap tightly over wellies it appears that not one drop of muddy water gets in, even when the water level is higher than that of the wellies. This has saved us not only muddy trousers but white tights.

We were prepared for great quality, but not the envy that these waterproofs inspired. Our bright red jacket has been commented on by fellow parents, nursery school staff (a muddy forest school session will hold no fear for this outfit) and most amusing, a group of outdoorsy dads who know some serious kit when they see it.

Spotty Otter 4


You can buy cheaper waterproofs, but I’m not sure that you can buy better value ones. The breathability means that they’ll work well in the summer rain and the generous fit means that they can be layered up for winter wear. The quality of the materials and attention to detail on the fit means that kids can wear their best clothes underneath without worry of them (or subsequently the car seats) getting spoiled, so there’s no need to take a change of clothes if you’re planning a walk after a celebratory lunch. And it’s tough enough to survive the rigours of nursery.

I did look for a downside, but other than they don’t make gear for grown-ups, I genuinely couldn’t find one. I love this “go anywhere, do anything” kit and if you like your children to be comfortable and free-range, these are definitely an investment I’d recommend you consider.

The Adventure II Waterproof Jacket RRP £65, currently on offer at £48.75 and Dungarees RRP £45, currently on offer at £40.50 from Spotty Otter.

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