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Kit review: Mammut Kira half-zip baselayer

Written by Fiona

February 25 2016

I love it when one product that serves two purposes. The Mammut Kira half-zip baselayer (Trovat for the guys) works well as a smart-but-casual layer for going to the pub and also as a practical baselayer for walking, cycling, running or skiing.

The Mammut Kira baselayer works well in both situations because a) It looks good and fits well b) It copes with changes in body temperatures and sweat.

Mammut Kira half-zip baselayer


  • Polartec Power Wool
  • Long sleeved
  • Zip at neck
  • Soft against the skin
  • Light and packable
  • UPF 20+
  • SRP: £80

Polartec Power Wool “weaves together” Merino wool and synthetic fibres. The inner layer uses Merino wool, which is “scratch-free, wicks effectively and inhibits odours”, while the outer uses hydrophobic polyester fibre for “quick drying and durable properties” and to keep the base layer’s shape.

1041-07310-3361On test: Mammut Kira half-zip baselayer

The Kira baselayer has a nice fit. I have the silver coloured medium-sized top and I would say the sizing is on the small size because I would normally fit a small. However, it’s a slightly looser fit style and the medium looks good.

It is not too tight, not too loose and seems to work in all the right places. The length of the torso and arms is also excellent.

Looks don’t really matter if something works well but if the item can look good and work well it’s a bonus.In fact, it has become a favourite baselayer that I usually choose above many others.

Mammut claims the baselayer is soft enough to wear against the skin but unless a top is silky soft I can’t stand to have it on my skin. I have very sensitive skin so don’t let this put you off. Most people would find the top pleasant to wear against the skin. I simply wear the baselayer over another synthetic and breathable t-shirt or long-sleeved layer.

I have worn if for running, walking and skiing. I have sweated a lot in it. The breathability of the fabric is good. Even when I have been sweating a lot and made the top damp it quickly dries.

1041-07310-5755However, I do find that the top smells of body odour under the arms if I do not wash it each time I wear it. While the Merino wool layer is a good idea for being non-whiffy (Merino is a natural product and does not smell even after a lot of sweating and repeated wears), it could be that the synthetic outer layer ends up a whiffy. It’s not a big smell but it is there, all the same.

The whiffiness doesn’t matter too much because I usually wash my kit frequently, but if you wanted a top for extended wear you should think about how much you sweat. Perhaps a 100% Merino wool is better for you although I think that wool can be much more itchy on bare skin.

The zip feature is a great bonus. When I feel chilly I zip it up to cover my neck. When it’s warm I can open it up and let more air in.

The Mammut Kira half-zip baselayer is a well-designed top that makes use of innovative Polartec Power Wool. It has the good properties of both merino wool and synthetic fibres fused together. Just don’t expect it to stay as whiff free as your 100% Merino wool baselayers.

The Kira fits into a small collection of Mammut clothes, including a Kira Gore-Tex jacket (read my previous review), beanie and neck warmer.

For stockist info call: 01625 508218 or see Mammut

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