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Discover the flavour of Turkey on a Blue Cruise holiday

Written by Fiona

March 31 2016

Turkish cuisine is world famous thanks to the spices, rich history and decadent preparation of food dating back to the Ottoman Empire

Turkey is an exotic land filled with luscious natural smells of locally grown fruits, vegetables and herbs, which are included in dishes prepared by many chefs around the country. Millennia of history is scattered about with well-preserved ruins mixed among the backdrop of mountainous and forested environment.

The smiles and greetings of local Turkish people will open your eyes to a culture of entertainment unlike any other in this part of the world. When you join a blue cruise for your holidays in Turkey with Alaturka Cruises, you will not be disappointed.



Here are just a few of the offerings this great country offers.

The food is amazing


Many culinary delights await you in the beautiful city of Istanbul. Thanks to the Ottomans conquering lands from Asia to southeast Europe to North Africa, the cuisine was influenced by distant lands. Though today dishes are most closely related to Mediterranean flavors, the diversity of tastes can be found throughout Turkey.

When in Istanbul go to Duble Meze Bar located on the top floor of the Palazzo Donizetti Hotel located in Pera. The Mediterranean inspired dishes combine tastes from Spain to Turkey. The sunset over the Golden Horn is a spectacular sight while sipping a chilled rose or cold beer. The appetizer-sized dishes are served tapas style so you can experience various bites, such as pastirma (dried beef) topped hummus, stuffed mussels or fresh crab legs.


For a lovely contemporary setting within Ottoman-style architecture head over to Vanilla in the old town of Antalya. The fusion-style food comes in the form of goat cheese and walnut tagliatelle, white bean and tahini soup, and duck, spring onion and cucumber pizza. Wash it all down with a wine from Cappadocia or Diyarbakir.


For those that appreciate fresh seafood, then Fethiye city centre is the place to go. Shop for locally caught seafood at the fish market- balik bazaar– then have one of the surrounding restaurants prepare your sea treasures to your liking. Wash it down with Raki the Turkish anise-flavored spirit.

If you prefer your fish chosen and ready to serve, then go to Arty’s Fish and Chips across from Ugur Mucmcu Park. Pull up a chair outside and hydrate with a cold beer while waiting for your perfectly fried fish and chips. They also deliver if you find yourself too comfortable on your hotel terrace to hit the streets.


While Olympos is mostly known as a destination for partying in the middle of nature, the food served at the various pensions is something that should be noted. (Pensions in Turkey are the local form of bed and breakfasts and so many of them display the true heart of Turkish hospitality.)

While the food is served buffet style in the larger pensions, the quality is high. Rejuvenate yourself after a night of heavy drinking with fresh squeezed orange juice and a variety of cheeses, olives, and personally-prepared omelets. The ultimate finish to any Turkish breakfast is the fluffy white bread smothered with rich kaymak (similar to clotted cream) and topped with honey.


While many traditional Turkish dishes are vegetarian there is also an abundance of meat.

Meryem Yemek Evi, aka Restaurant, located near Icmeler Beach in Marmaris serves excellent guvec – your choice of lamb, shrimp, or mushrooms smothered in oil, spices or cheese cooked in a cast iron dish. Kebab is a spicy minced lamb cooked on a skewer and is one of the most popular flavours for locals and tourists, or get the kuzu pirzola, lamb chops, served with salad and a side of cracked wheat cooked in tomato paste and spices.

St. Nicholas Island

If your Blue Cruise is in transit from Fethiye to one of the many destinations including Kas, Antalya, Olympos or Alanya then you’ll make a stop at St. Nicholas Island. The “gozleme ladies” are women in small boats floating about the sea cooking traditional savory flatbread on large round griddles. The ladies near St. Nicholas know how to cater to foreigners, so you can choose your own filling of chocolate sauce and bananas or spinach and feta.

The flavors of Turkey served with a smile will contribute to the unforgettable experience of a blue cruise holiday in Turkey. Yo may go home a few kilos heavier, but your taste buds will be thankful.







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