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Walk, cycle or take a boat to see around New York

Written by Fiona

May 11 2016

New York is one of the most famous cities in the world and hugely popular with tourists. This blog reveals how to walk, cycle and make a splash in America’s Big Apple.

With iconic attractions such as the Empire State Building, Time Square, the Statue of Liberty and numerous others, NYC is a globally influential location for fashion, finance, art and culture, which is what makes it such a hot spot for travellers.

Did you know there are an additional five boroughs located on the Hudson River and Atlantic Ocean to explore, plus cuisines from all around the globe, stunning city parks, coastal walks and a vast array of luxury apartments?

Walk this way

One of the best ways to get up close and personal with New York is to walk it. Although you probably can’t walk it all, there are some stunning places to stretch your legs and see the sights, such as Central Park.

Located in the middle of Manhattan Island, it’s one of the most filmed locations in the world, and the place to head for some fresh air in the city.

You can also get an amazing view of Manhattan with a walk over the Brooklyn Bridge, or take an organised walking tour through various parts of the city, including Greenwich Village, Brooklyn or Queens Waterside.

Of course, if you’re an outdoors person, you may find the city a little oppressive, but you can easily hire a car or take a train out beyond the city limits to enjoy some stunning coastal walks.

Head to Long Beach and Jones Beach Island with quaint seaside homes and breath taking views out onto the Atlantic Ocean, you’ll feel a far cry from the buzz of the city.

Ride on by

Another fantastic way to see New York is by bike. There are numerous organised bike tours around the city, as well as bike rental if you want to freewheel it.

New York hire bikes. Pic credit:  Edward Blake.

New York hire bikes. Pic credit: Edward Blake.

With a bike, you’ll find you can cover much more ground and explore all the boroughs of New York, including the Bronx and Harlem, rather than limiting yourself to just one or two.

Travel all over the city taking in iconic landmarks such as Ground Zero, the Rockefeller Center, Brooklyn Bridge and Time Square. Or head further afield and experience the many different cultures and delights that can be found in places like The Bronx and Brooklyn.

Go by boat

No trip to New York would be complete without a little jaunt out onto the Hudson River or the Atlantic Ocean. There are plenty of public ferry services and cruises that will take you out to Staten Island or the Statue of Liberty for awe-inspiring view of the city sky line.

But if you want to head off the beaten track a little and do something a more adventurous, why not embark on a trip on the New York Media Boat, used by CNN and other news agencies. You’ll not only get to see over 40 sights on this water tour, but enjoy an exhilarating ride along the way too.

If a slower pace is more your style, then Tribeca Sailing will take you on an intimate sailing trip on a traditional yacht to see the Lower Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty from a unique view point.

There’s something for everyone in New York and the surrounding area.

  • Thanks to Tonisha Parra for compiling this article.

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