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Even more Vango innovations

Written by Fiona

August 25 2016

Vango is a Scottish company that is best known for its tents. They also design, make and sell rucksacks, sleeping bags and camping accessories. I found out more on a recent trip to Vango warehouse HQ in Paisley.

Derek Scott, marketing director for Vango, said: “The brand has always had a strong focus on innovation, and throughout its 50-year history. We like to explore new ideas and concepts and to then create new products.

“We also monitor consumer feedback closely (they use social media and camping forums a lot to check this) and spend a lot of time in the development of new products and product redevelopment.”

I have written about Vango tents and innovations

More Vango innovations

Hydro Barrier Down

Vango Hydro-Barrier Down is a 90/10 700 fill power duck down that is water resistant. It also ticks boxes as having a Bluesign approved Teflon treatment and the down is RDS (Responsible Down Standard) guaranteeing it is ethically sourced and traceable.

The down is used infuse and Venom sleeping bags and it good for using in damp or changeable weather.


4T Fibre

The latest hollow fibre insulation technology that uses multiple layers of insulation in the top and bottom of sleeping bags.

Each layer has a different mix of 4T Fibre thickness, allowing Vango to control the lofting properties, compression and the ability for the warmth to wrap around the body.


Vango Fuse

Last year, Vango were the first to launch a hybrid of down and 4T synthetic insulation into a four-season sleeping bag. The Fuse blends down and synthetic fibres to improve warmth to weight ratio. It traps air in its patented channel structure.

Bi-Radial® adjustable rucksack system

As far back as 1995, Vango developed and implemented the Bi-Radial adjustable rucksack system. It built on the success of their Quick-Adjust and Self-Adjust systems.


AirFlex system

A3 Back System

Today’s system is based on the Bi-Radial and comprises one vertical bar, for longitudinal shape and strength, a top stabiliser bar and amid-stabiliser. It’s supported with a B-Crescent dense foam hip belt that helps to prevent single pressure points and aids balance when carrying load.

You can adjust the rucksack height with a one-pull system called the A1.

AirFlex system

Used in the new Vango Ventini rucksack, which is part of the Vango Active range, the new AirFlex system allows for continual movement of air in the back area of the rucksack. This helps to keep heat and sweating to a minimum.

New Alpine rucksack range

Rucksacks that are created for climbers and Alpine mountaineers. I am hearing good things about these packs although I have not tested them myself.

  • I confess that during my visit I focused on the Vango products that appealed to me most and these lie in the technical and active ranges. There are many, many more but I did not have time on my trip to check them all out.

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