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The best: Headtorch for night running

Written by Fiona

October 17 2016

Most people know of Silva because they have a Silva compass. The outdoors brand also makes, in my opinion, the best head torch for night running (and walking). There are two versions to consider, the Silva Runner head torch and the newer version, the Silva Trail Speed Elite head torch.

Both head torches are small, neat, easy to wear on the head and have amazingly bright light output.  The torch itself is about the area of a 50p piece and only about 1cm thick. If you pick it up on its own and you hardly feel as though you’re holding anything.

The torch includes two powerful LED lightbulbs that give 600 lumens light output (Silva Trail Speed Elite head torch) and 550 lumens (Silva Runner head torch).


The head torches have a rechargeable battery power pack. I have found the battery pack is fine for wearing on the head strap, although, if you prefer, you could place it in a pocket while running or walking.

I have seen and used many other head torches but I have never been so impressed as with the  Silva Runner and Silva Trail Speed head torch.

I have had a look on-line and found that the Runner is mostly unavailable now but the Silva Trail Speed is around £140. It might seem like a lot to spend on one small head torch (and there are a lot of different torches that are much cheaper) but it’s really worth it if you like to run or cycle at night.

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