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6 tips for budget-friendly travel

Written by Fiona

November 15 2016

Travel doesn’t have to be expensive if you follow a few of these tips.

Explore more on the Internet

The more you plan and research your trip on-line before going the more chance you have of doing it right and according to your budget. Look up budget options in the destination you plan to travel to and check out travellers’ forums for ideas. You can plan ahead on places to visit, where to stay, cultures, lifestyle, environment, things to do, local food and transport.

Be a flexible traveller

The cost of your travelling or holiday depends on the time and place you choose. It’s a good idea to avoid school holiday times, for example, and to go out of season.

Booking earlier can often be an advantage for flights and accommodation.  Many travel sites offer attractive benefits for early bird bookings.

Holiday packages, in contrast, are often more expensive so it’s best to avoid these.

Widen the hotel range

Cheaper hotels and accommodation can often be found on the outskirts of towns and cities or just a little further travelling distance from your exact destination. Also look for hostels or on AirB&B for apartment shares.

Other options include camping, sofa surfing, house sitting and home swaps.

Eat local food and save

Steer clear of hotel food prices and busy holiday areas for food. Instead, find local cafes and restaurants. Eating where the locals eat is usually cheaper.

If you have cooking facility, such as a self-catering apartment or in a hostel, cook for yourself.

Lunch special dish of the day

If you plan to take lunch in hotel, then eat special dish of the day. Most of the hotels offer cheap prices on a special dish of the day. Besides, you can also collect some discount codes from Voucher Shops and get added benefits.

Be a modern traveller

Use your smartphone as you travel for apps and the internet to make the most of discounts and budget prices. Tourism cards accessed from on-line, for example, can help you to save money on fares.


Remember that the less you spend on travel the more you can travel!

  • Thanks to guest blogger Daniel Clark for his tips.

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