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Kit review: Five skorts (running skirts)

Written by Fiona

November 04 2016

Skorts (running skirts) are popular. They are a combination of skirts and shorts. They look great, feel feminine to wear and they offer practical benefits. I have tested five skorts this summer.

Kalenji Trail Skort


These skorts are a great price at less £20. For the money they offer lots of features, including a wide and comfortable waistband with a draw cord.

There are four pockets for gels or small 150ml water flasks in the side pockets and other essentials in zipped front and back pockets.

The back zipped pocket is large enough to carry a small smartphone but not an iPhone 6 sized phone.

The design is also really lovely. Although it looks like a straightforward black skort there are two frilled panels at the lower front hems, which is an attractive design and also offers greater freedom of movement. It’s easy to wear, comfortable and lightweight.

There is a good size range from UK 6 to UK 16.

On the downside, the under shorts are too short for me. They ride up when you run so they end up more like long knickers. Some people like skorts that are more like knickers and a skirt but I prefer longer shorts.

Also, the skirt could do with being a little longer at the back to give better bottom coverage.

For the price, this is a great value and well designed skort.

Price (RRP): GBP 17.99. See Decathlon.

Kalenji Kanergy trail running skirt


Another Decathlon skirt this one has longer shorts. The tight shorts are created to “apply pressure on different parts of the thighto offer support the muscles while running”.

The skort also has pockets front and back on the waistband and two rear side gel pockets.

There are highly reflective patches on the front and back.

Of all the shorts this one is the best fit and has the best features for the money. I really like the Salomon skort detailed below but it is very expensive. For £27, the Kanergy Trail skort is comfortable to wear, supportive in all the right places and has lots of useful pockets. I could fit an iPhone 6 easily in the back waistband pocket and keys and dog poo bags in the front pocket.

The cons of this skort is that I don’t think it is as well  made as the Salomon skort. It lacks some finer finishing details (there were some loose threads when i first put it on) and I am not convinced it will be that durable. I expect I will get one summer’s wear and that will be it. It would have been nice to have a softer, wider leg hem because the bottom of the shorts leg digs into the skin a little (maybe that’s just my legs causing that!).

The fit is a very neat for a UK10 although just about okay.

I found that the skirt pulled down a bit when running. There is a drawcord at the waist to tie it more tightly but I prefer not to have things too tight around my waist. It could be the weight of the iPhone pulled it down although it really shouldn’t.

However, for the price this is a great budget buy, especially if you like the short legs ot be longer.

Kalenji Kanergy trail running skirt is £27.99 from Decathlon.

Patagonia Strider Skort


The Patagonia Strider Skirt is created with Bluesign approved fabric that is made from 91% recycled polyester. That’s great to know if you value the sustainability of our planet.

The fabric also has Polygiene permanent odour control and is DWR (durable water repellent) treated.

The skirt looks really good and comes in lovely bright colours.

Wearing the skort is easy because it’s so lightweight.  It also has “Air Flow mesh” all the way around the skirt for extra breathability.

The inner shorts are black and they are the shortest of all skorts on test. They are really more like knickers. Helpfully, odour resistance is built-in to the fabric of the inner shorts.

Features include a rear envelope pocket (not zipped); small  drop-in pockets at the hips and a draw cord at the waist.

The skirt comes in sizes XS, S, M, L and XL and has a slightly longer back than front to ensure good bottom coverage.

I really like the look and feel of the skort. It’s very easy to run in. I would prefer the inner shorts to be a longer length. This is personal preference to prevent inner thigh skin chafing. However, I know many women who like the shorts to be short like knickers.

Price (RRP): Was £42, now £37. See Patagonia.

Odlo Samara skirt

odlo-skortOdlo states that the Samara skirt utilises Odlo’s “lightest than the lightest” (LTTL) design and construction to ensure that every possible gram of weight is saved and that every step you run is lighter as a result.

“Run in the Samara and you feel so light and comfortable you’ll think you’re flying not running.”

The Samara Skirt features Pes Stretch Woven and Soft Stretch Jersey materials.

There’s a wide elasticated waistband with an inner drawstring and the inner shorts are slightly longer than the Patagonia and Kalenji skort. (But not the Kalenji Kanergy skort.) Other features include a small, open-top pocket at the rear of the waistband.

The skort is really comfortable. The inner shorts fit well and stay mostly in place when running. There is very little upward movement, which is great because other shorts in skorts ride up to become pants. The waistband is made from a super soft and stretchy fabric and it’s lovely to wear against the skin.

The skirt is created from a fabric that has a bit of a stretch so it fits neatly around your curves.

My biggest complaint about this product is Odlo’s over-enthusiastic blurb about the skorts, such as references to “lightest than the lightest”. These phrases are meaningless and annoying. I prefer products to simply state the facts rather than making silly claims.

Price around £50.  See Odlo.

Salomon S-Lab Exo Skort


Another skort with longer and more supportive inner shorts. This meant the skorts are by my favourites  for fit and support (except for the price).

The upper skirt is lightweight and stretchy, while the inner shorts are supportive and comfortable. The fabric is a bit see-through so thankfully there is an inner pant in case you bend over (e.g. for a stretch!).

There are several different colours although this skort seems to be in short supply.

Extra features include UPF 50, super wide and supportive waistband and two open top back pockets in the waistband.

The pockets would be better with zips and I would steer clear of skorts with white fabric as it only ends up looking dingy after a few washes.

In my opinion, £120 is far too much for shorts/skorts.

Salomon S-Lab Exo Skort cost £120.

Tell me your thoughts on any skorts you have tried.

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