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5 bucket list holidays for 2017

Written by Fiona

January 19 2017

Deciding where to go on holiday can be great fun. But with so many ideas on line – on websites, blogs and Pinterest photos – it can sometimes feel like there is too much choice.  Here are five bucket lists holidays to consider for 2017.


See Sydney.

Many people put off going to Australia because it seems too far but you need to think about it in a different way. Book a longer trip to make the travel worthwhile stop off at interesting places en route or book early to get the best deals on comfortable plane seat. And when you get there, there really is so much to see and do including incredible beaches, rainforests, cities, cultural experiences and amazing outdoor experiences.

A few must-dos are visiting the Sydney Opera House, scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef and driving on the Great Ocean road.


Trinidad in Cuba.

It’s far easier to travel to Cuba, in South America, and explore these days but many experts think we should go before it becomes too mainstream touristy. Experience Cuban architecture, art, culture and music, wander round the streets of the capital city of Havana and check out the nature resorts in Artemisa and Pinar del Río.

Don’t miss Villa Clara northern cays for a beautiful white sandy beach or Playa Pilar for kitesurfing. You’ll need to take cash if you’re going on holiday to Cuba and it’s best to visit between December and May when the weather is best.

New York

Brooklyn Bridge, NYC.

If you’re in the mood for something more metropolitan, you can’t ask for a better destination than New York in the US. As well as all the obvious landmarks to see, such as the Statue of Liberty, Central Park and the Empire State Building, treat yourself to a few days in the city without any firm plans.

Use your time to ride the subway, walk along Hudson River, check out the flea markets on 39th and eat in the diners – doing New York like a New Yorker!


Beaches and crashing waves.

How do you fancy spending a fortnight on a beach resort in Cancun? With endless white sandy beaches, water sports, golf, shopping, restaurants and more, you’ll be spoilt for choice for things to do.

You can also book a tour of the nearby jungle, go scuba diving in the sea, or venture further afield to check out the ruins from the Ancient Aztec and Mayan civilisations. Enjoy delicious Mexican food, including dishes such as Corchinita Pibil (a slow cooked pork, roasted in banana leaves and finished with a bitter orange marinade) and cinnamon covered churros. Check out the vibrant markets, too.


Stunning waterfalls in Iceland.

A final place that should be on your radar in 2017 is Iceland. It’s been a popular destination for a few years now, but that’s because it’s a short plane journey away and offers you a chance to see the Northern Lights (a natural phenomenon that lots of people say is a very romantic thing to experience with their partner).

Head to Iceland between September and mid April if you want the best chance of seeing the Northern Lights, and plan some other fun activities too. For instance, you could swim in the Blue Lagoon, hike to the Vatnajokull glacier or hire a car to drive to Lake Myvaten (a landscape filled with volcanoes, bubbling hot mud and other-worldly rock formations).

Low cost holidays are available to Iceland and many of the others on this list if you just take the time to compare the best deals. For the cheapest prices, try to avoid going on holiday at the times of year that are in high demand, or see if you can get cheap flights by being flexible with your travel dates and times.


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