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Action Van VW T5 campervan seat covers

Written by Fiona

January 19 2017

With Fern the Campervan beautifully refurbished, I wanted to make sure the seats would not end up dirty and marked through the general mucky wear and tear of my outdoors life. I knew that even if I tried my hardest not to sit on the seats in dirty and wet clothes that sooner or later I’d forget/become less caring and then seats would be ruined.

I had previously bought VW T5 driver and double passenger seat covers from Action Van. They have proved to be very good quality. They are waterproof, durable and fit the seats really well. They are not the cheapest but when I removed the driver seat cover after three years of use and abuse the seat look as good as new. (I have sat on this seat in wet and mucky clothes on numerous occasions.)

The driver’s seat after I took over an Action Van waterproof cover.

I replaced the driver seat cover so it matched the two other covers that I bought, including a single passenger seat and a cover for my 112cm wide RIB seat-to-bed set-up.

Front seat cover with pretty flowers.

My thoughts on the VW T5 Action Van seat covers

The seat covers look to have been upgraded since I bought the last set. They are just as good quality but with a better and neater system of fitting them to the seats. It’s really easy to fit the front seat covers and there are various methods for keeping the covers neatly in place, such as tucking a hold/positioner between the seat cushions, strong Velcro tabs, elasticated edges and Velcro straps.

There is a separate cover for the headrests and also one for the armrests. I didn’t both with the latter.

Here are a few photos I took while putting on the seat covers.

The part of the seat cover that you push in between the seat and back cushions to hold it in place.

Pushing it in place.

In place, underneath the seat cover.

The holes for the head rest to fit back into.

The side postioners. These slide down between seat cushion and the plastic moulding of the seat.

Velcro fasteners. These are strong and long-lasting.

Velcro straps.

Head rest covers.

I also like the pockets at the back of the seat covers. I used these a lot with the last seat covers. It’s a handy place to keep bits and pieces that you, well, need to be kept handy.

The RIB seat cover comes in three separate pieces. It wasn’t as easy to put on but I worked it out in the end. The covers fit really neatly and are held together with zips. One side is a smooth, waterproof cover for when people are sitting on the seats, while the other side is a soft fabric for sleeping on. This is a great idea.

Zipped covers for the RIB seat/bed.

Back seat covers.

The seat covers are not the cheapest on the market but I have been really pleased with their quality over the last few years and I think they look brilliant and serve a good purpose.

If I want to sell the van in the future, I’ll want the seats to looks as good as new, which hopefully they will thanks to the protection covers.

See Action Van.

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