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Use an app to find friendship – and romance – while abroad

Written by Fiona

January 31 2017

There are those travellers that seem to meet a new friend or friends wherever they go abroad. They have the natural ability to chat to others and to find mutual interests. There are other people, however, that find it a bit more difficult. In the 21st century, there are a host of apps to use while abroad that are great for meeting new people.

Using apps for making friends

Ventoura app

This is a simple app that matches up solo travellers and locals. One traveller said: “Ventoura worked for me on my last trip to Europe. It’s free and full of locals with wisdom and tips to impart. It got me off the beaten track and away from the cliche tourist hot spots at least.”

Tourbar app

This s more of a tinder-style swipe system for solo travellers looking for love or companionship off the beaten track.

MileHi Messenger

Long haul flight boredom maybe a thing of the past as the MileHi messenger app connects you with others on your flight with the same app. You can chat back and forward, making friends or even finding romance.

Using apps for communication

Whilst securing a date with a fellow traveller or local can be an exhilarating experience, the reality is that not everyone in the world speaks English. The language of love is international, but sometimes we need a little help in getting past the difficult stages. Here are translation company Morningside Translations’ selection of the best communication apps.

iTranslate iMessage app

When installed on both parties’ phones, the iTranslate app will automatically translate your message into the language of choice. For example, should you be speaking to your host in Thailand who doesn’t speak English, simply chat away in English through the app and your message will automatically be translated into Thai on the other end.


When travelling in Asia, look no further than the WayGo app which instantly translates Chinese, Japanese and Korean with no data connection necessary. Just point your phone in the direction of the text and the app will translate away.


The all-rounder, the TripLingo app takes all the useful accessories when travelling, such as phrasebooks, instant voice recorders/translators and voice to text converters, as well as all the emergency and currency information needed for each country.

The ili

Due to be released in early 2017, this wearable technology automatically translates language on the spot when spoken into. This device is wearable around the neck and has the potential to instantly translate speech making it the ultimate tool in communication.

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