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UK’s landmark historic attractions

Written by Fiona

February 07 2017

The UK boasts so many historic attractions that it’s difficult to choose just a few. London is an obvious choice with  highlights such as the Tower of London and Buckingham Palace. Dotted across the country are many others. If you’re heading to the UK from a country in the ECC, then it is important that you carry out an e111 card renewal before you go.


The Neolithic ancestors of the UK provided the country with one of the wonders of the world, and one of the biggest historical mysteries to date. This is possibly the best-known prehistoric monument in Europe, and is regarded as a cultural icon of Briton.

The ring of standing stones is believed to have been constructed from 3000 BC to 2000 BC, and it is suggested that it could have been a burial ground. There’s plenty to see at Stonehenge, and this historical and mystical monument really is one that shouldn’t be missed.

Bath’s Roman Spas

Roman Baths. Pic credit: Alan Pennington

If you’re looking for a mix between the modern and the historical, then Bath’s Roman Spas are the perfect choice. This Thermae Bath Spa is a result of a Royal Charter of 1590 which decreed that Bath and North East Somerset council are the guardians of the spring waters. These spring waters are the only naturally hot, mineral rich waters in the UK.

Oxford University

The University of Oxford has no known date of foundation, but there’s evidence to suggest that it goes back as far as 1096. It grew very quickly in 1167 after Henry II banned English students from attending the University Of Paris, and it is the world’s second oldest university that is still in operation. It is an interesting place to see, and to this day it enjoys international reputation of teaching excellence.

Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle. Pic credit: Ad Meskens

If you’re in Scotland, then Edinburgh Castle is a must-see. This spectacular fortress offers exceptional city views. The 11th century castle and barracks house the Crown Jewels and the National War Museum of Scotland.

Hadrian’s Wall

Hadrian’s Wall is the remains of an Ancient Roman defensive wall. You can walk and explore the fortifications of the remnants of Hadrian’s Wall, and enjoy the nature around the wall and the fort. The wall was the north-west frontier of the Roman Empire and for around three centuries this was a hugely multi-cultured frontier covering coast to coast.

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