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15 useful ways to use duct tape in the outdoors

Written by Fiona

June 28 2017

If you carry one essential outdoors item with you, after a map and compass, it should be duct tape. Its adhesive capabilities and waterproof exterior make it one of the most dextrous tools you can carry. Here are 15 reasons to take a roll on your next outdoors expedition. First through, how do you pack it?

How to pack duct tape

A full roll is heavy and awkward so you should learn how to take a small amount with you.

Flat Wrap:  Simply start unrolling a little of the tape. When you have about four inches unspooled, fold the tape back on itself so you have two sides that are not sticky. Keep folding the tape on top of itself until you have the amount you need for your trip. Pack the duct tape in a ziplock bag to keep it from sticking to other things in your pack.

Spool: This is a common trick used by people who hike with poles. Start by holding the pole sideways so that it’s easier to work with the tape. Wrap the duct tape around the pole until you have the desired amount. If you don’t like a thick roll of tape, consider wrapping half on one pole and half on the other.

Half Spool: For little fixes, it’s nice to have a thin strip of duct tape, rather than the bulky width of the tape on the roll. To create a half spool, find something round, like a tent pole or a pencil. Using a sharp blade, slice the duct tape on the roll so that you have either two or three equal widths of tape; if you score all the way around the roll, it’s a lot easier to pull off. Start rolling one strip around the pencil until you have enough.

By the way, there are many more colours of duct tape than standard grey. My favourite is the penguin pattern!

Now take a look at this infographic to see all the useful ways to use duct tape in the great outdoors.

15 useful ways to use duct tape in the great outdoors


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