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How to create a home-from-home campervan

Written by Fiona

August 04 2017

Campervan holidays are a great way to travel, giving you the independence to go where you want and with the ability to cook and sleep without need for booked accommodation. It’s no wonder that campervans have seen a resurgence in popularity over the last few years and are quickly becoming the new trend in holidaying. Here are some tips on how to make your campervan trip a home-from-home experience.

Colour fun. PIc credit: The Carlisle Kid

Make it unique

Unlike package holidays abroad, for example (where you can quite easily end up in a huge resort that wasn’t as quiet as you imagined), tailoring a campervan holiday is so simple to do; from the route, to the company you go with, to the van itself.

There’s no restrictive luggage allowance with campervans – fill up your suitcases with as much as will fit in your van, surround yourself with friends and family and hit the road. It doesn’t even matter whether you have a route planned or not because sometimes the greatest adventures come from the unexpected.

If you decide to take the plunge and have a holiday with a difference, your campervan is where you’ll be spending the most time, whether it be camping out of it and cooking dinner in the evenings, or travelling on long journeys with plenty of good music. With this in mind, you want to make sure it’s comfortable and is decorated in a fun way that also meets your needs, whatever or wherever your trip may be.

Decorate your van

Many campervan lovers are getting rid of the stereotype that campervans are dull and boring. Just because you’re on the road doesn’t mean you can’t transform the space to reflect what you love most.

If you’re a homebody, this is your opportunity to create a cosy mobile space that brings you memories of home. Similarly, if you like things clean and minimal then it’s so easy to create a fresh and vibrant space you can look forward to living in on your trip.

You can even start by stripping your campervan down to the bare bones and restoring it to suit your needs. Decorating isn’t just about accessorising! You can spray paint the interior or exterior to give it a fresh vibe, re-upholster the seats, replace interior fixtures, or sand and varnish old woods. There are now hundreds of functional ways to restore your campervan and make it your own, right down to your campervan’s table legs.

You might want to add a bike rack, thermo mats for temperature control, or elasticated storage nets for all those bits and bobs to ensure you are comfortable and organised on your holiday.

Make the interior your own. Pic credit: Ultra7

Accessorising the van

When you’ve transformed your campervan to suit your needs, it’s now time to style it just the way you like it. Consider the colour theme already existing in your van, for example, do you have grey or white walls? You might want to jazz up your interior with splashes of bright colour including turquoise and electric blue to remind you of a beautiful seaside or orange and yellow for an autumnal touch and to warm up the space.

If you have bright features already in your campervan, such as a brightly coloured table or curtains, consider cushions and accessories in neutral tones to make sure the space is balanced and relaxing to be in. If you love to get creative, add flowers, bunting, candles or rugs to match your colour scheme!

There’s no limit to the range of things you can do with your campervan except your imagination.

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