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5 exercise steps for skiing fitness

Written by Fiona

November 23 2017

To make the most of your skiing or snowboarding holiday, it’s advisable to put in some preparation beforehand. You will want to have the right kit with you and it’s a good idea to have prepared physically with a ski-specific fitness programme. Here are five exercise steps to being ski and snowboard ready this winter.

Strong legs will be a huge bonus for skiing ability and stamina.

Strong legs

Skiing and snowboarding demand strong legs so you should focus on building strength in the muscles and joints, from the ankles to the hips, through the calves and thighs. Follow a programme of squats, squat jumps, alternating lunges and wall sits. Build these up slowly.

Side plans are great for core strength.

At the core

A strong core is key to supporting you lower back and this will help to improve your stance and stability while skiing. This means you will be able to ski and snowboard for longer – and with skill – without tiring.

The best exercises for a strong core are planks and side planks, sit ups, “Supermans” and back extensions.

Improving your stamina will mean you will hold your form for longer on the slopes.

Good stamina

When you are at higher altitude there is less oxygen and this mans you will end up breathing more heavily while skiing. Your body and heart work harder to do the same things at lower altitude. So, building up your stamina is the way to go.

Running, cycling and swimming will all help especially if you include faster-paced intervals as part of your regular sessions.

Stay flexible

Yoga and stretching will help to improve flexibility and prevent injury. Jin a class or follow your own gentle programme at home.

Head to an artificial slope near your home, such as Midlothian Snowsports Centre. Credit: Visit Scotland.

Artificial slope time

If you have an artificial slope or an indoor snow slope near you, head along for a few sessions before you go on your skiing holiday. It can be a good idea to have a couple of refresher lessons, too. See my list of artificial and indoor ski slopes in Scotland.

Reminding your body what to do on the ski slope before you arrive at your holiday is always a bonus in terms your ability to make the most of days on the snow.

See more ideas for getting fit for skiing.

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