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Griffin Survivor Strong iPhone case

Written by Fiona

November 15 2017

I have been testing the Griffin Survivor Strong iPhone case with my iPhone 6-Plus. You can never really know if the case works until you drop the phone. This I did on a number of occasions.

Features of Griffin Survivor Strong iPhone case:

  • 7ft drop-tested case (on to concrete)
  • Impact Dispersion System
  • Shatter-resistant shell and keeps it safe.
  • Super-thin and super-drop protection for your iPhone
  • Designed for and tested to Military Standard 810-G standards
  • Two layers: Rigid inner shell made of shatterproof polycarbonate and outer layer is easy-grip material that is wear-resistant.
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • £24.99

On test: Griffin Survivor Strong iPhone case

I accidentally dropped my phone several times while it was wrapped in this case. My heart dropped twice. First, my phone fell and crashed landed on to a supermarket floor. On another occasion, it fell from my hand and on to the tiled ground next to a swimming pool (luckily it did not go into the water).

I also dropped the iPhone on to our wooden flooring at home.

On all occasions, the phone was fully protected.

This did surprise me because the case does not cover the front screen of the phone. It covers the back and over all edges but not the glass screen. I thought that this would mean the glass would break when the phone hit the ground. This did not happen, even when the phone landed on a corner and on its screen.

So I am impressed by the protection.

The phone case is also a lot less bulky than other protection style cases I have had previously. Many protection cases cover the phone entirely and create more of a brick than a phone. This is all vey well but when you have a plus-size phone in the first place you do not want to end up with a heavy and bulky brick to carry around. Well, I don’t.

The Survivor Strong iPhone case is described as super slim and super light. It’s neither but it is a lot slimmer and lighter than other cases I have tested.

The case is not very exciting. It’s plain and black but if it does the job of keeping my phone safe then that is grand. There are other colours if you fancy something a bit brighter.

The phone buttons on the side work when the case is on, as does the camera.

It is not a waterproof case because there is no front cover.

The lack of front cover suits me because I like to have easy finger tapping use of my phone and I have found that many all-over cases make the use of the screen a bit slow and tricky.

Instead, I have covered the screen with a glass protector and this had kept my phone, which I m quite careless with, safe from knocks and bashes.

The case is quite grippy to hold. It’s not the grippiest but it is a lot better than having the slippery “naked” phone in my hand.

I have been testing the phone case for around five weeks and I plan to keep it on the phone. That is testament to its usefulness.

See Griffin Technology.

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