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Check this unique London Tube map to discover the perfect holiday swap

Written by Fiona

January 02 2018

An on-line travel agency has come up with a novel way to encourage people to take a holiday. loveholidays has compared the cost of a week’s rent and daily commuter tube travel in London and then highlighted a holiday destination that would cost the same.

Instead of taking the Tube train why not jet off somewhere else? Pic credit: Chris McKenna

The information has been added to a fun interactive tube map. Just enter where you live (or might like to live) in the UK’s capital city and add the daily commute to work. The “holiday finder tube map” then reveals some of the destinations that an average week of rent and travel can take you to.

Give it a try on the Tube Off interactive map.

London Tube map.

Great rent and travel holiday swaps

A week of renting in Barking and commuting to Barbican could be swapped for an all-inclusive holiday on the beaches of Crete.

A week of living in Hampstead Heath and working in Bank is similar to an all-inclusive holiday to Bulgaria.

A week of living in Clapham South and commuting to Canary Wharf is the same cost as an all-inclusive holiday enjoying the beaches of Kos or a week in Egypt.

You could exchange a week in East India and a daily commute to Victoria journey for seven nights in Malta.

And how about exchanging the tube travel from Archway to Green Park for the sandy beaches and seafood of The Algarve?

Jonny Marsh, of loveholidays, said: “We recognise how expensive it is to live and work in London, but everyone deserves a holiday away from the daily grind and this fun interactive tube map shows some of the destinations that can be easily reached based on average weekly rent and tube fares across the capital city.”

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